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Why PDF?

For well over a decade, the Portable Document Format (PDF) has been the world's most successful "de facto standard" for reliably and securely distributing and exchanging any kind of electronic documents. The compact PDF format is perfect for displaying, forwarding and printing files. Documents can be displayed on all kinds of hardware. It is simply the best format for the information exchange between users and companies worldwide - a format for information exchange across borders.

But the PDF format offers even more benefits ...

Open format and standards - A freely accessible format, which has grown to be a standard. A technically reliable specification, which is accepted by many companies and government organisations as an exchange format. A format with acknowledged standards (i. e. the ISO-standardized PDF/A) or the global ISO standardization of the entire format itself.

No platform boundaries - A format, which can be created, displayed or printed from and on all available platforms. From the desktop PC in a company to a mobile handheld device for a mobile user - take PDF files anywhere.

Security as part of the package - The PDF format offers state of the art security: electronically sign documents or use document encryption - the PDF format offers document protection that companies across the world trust.

More than just an image - PDF files are not just images of data, but are documents, which contain data in a form that allows its contents to be searched, accessed and used.

Retain file integrity - PDF files can be visual copies of the original documents. You can maintain all the information, structures and formatting of the original document, no matter, which application was used to create it.

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