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Unrestricted e-mail archiving

n2pdf has always offered a broad suite of features and options extending from its being a small, yet powerful client-side out-of-the-box solution all the way to a dynamic server-based e-mail archiving function.

The e-mail content that n2pdf can process is only a small part of a bigger and better picture. n2pdf can also easily handle complex Notes content and attachments, not to mention PDF/A and signatures that also enhance the functional range ...

... and the new feature for processing HMTL content (MIME parts) contained in the latest version 5.0 of n2pdf once again proudly demonstrates that talk is cheap – it’s performance that counts.

MIME parts normally appear in e-mail documents received over the internet. As a general rule, the information contained in these documents is stored as HTML code in the MIME content. The fact that n2pdf cannot work directly with HTML content, but only with stored RichText, means that such content has to be converted.

In the past you’ve had to open and then save Notes documents having MIME in the Notes client. This action converted the content to RichText, and failing to take these steps often resulted in n2pdf displaying the documents inaccurately.

Now, and to improve the way documents are displayed, n2pdf offers a number of different (automated) options for converting HTML content to RichText. And when you use them, documents no longer have to be converted in the Notes client.

Various options allow you to define how the content is to be converted. These include such things as choosing the file name and whether or not external content (newsletters, for instance) should be loaded.

If you’re interested in the technical details, you can find a detailed description of these options in the MIME Content section of n2pdf Online Help. What’s more, you can even test this feature right within our "n2pdf 5.0 - HTML Export" sample database.

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