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What is n2pdf?

n2pdf is a solution for Lotus Notes/Domino for the creation of PDF files. It allows the structured and managed conversion of individual RichText fields, entire Notes documents or databases into the PDF file format - a format that can be used regardless of the software platform. One of its many features is the ability to take whole documents or parts of documents and combine or blend them. Best of all - you maintain full control over the PDF file's structure and configuration throughout the entire process!

n2pdf also allows the handling of file attachments. Attachments can either be converted into the PDF format or attached to the PDF file. n2pdf is capable of converting over 100 file formats (by using webPDF) into the PDF format without using the original applications.

n2pdf can also be used as an "out of the box" solution - both, on the client or on the server or you can use the API integration interface in your Notes application. Create PDFs by using a Notes interface (Notes database) or integrate n2pdf via Lotus Script or Java anywhere in your application. Access the functionality via a button on the client, use an agent on the server or as high performance server task on the Domino server - n2pdf offers outstanding flexibility.

n2pdf is is not a printer driver, but is based on an API, which natively creates PDF documents. Notes documents are exported and processed including all their structure information. You can process documents "as is" or manipulate, ammend or completely redesign content.

n2pdf supports different PDF versions, handles document settings such as encription, access rights, outlines and/or thumbnails and is conform to valid standards such as i. e. PDF/A.

n2pdf offers more than that - you can add document structures as you know them in Lotus Notes, which the PDf normally however does not offer, convert Notes DocLinks, add your own link structures in the PDF (to include URL links), add a working table of content and i. e. use global font settings for the entire content.

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