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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about n2pdf

The following frequently asked questions are meant to provide a quick reference to answer some questions about our products. If you cannot find the answer to the question you have, simply contact our support.

Who makes the software?
The SoftVision Development GmbH makes the products NotesToPaper, n2pdf and webPDF.

Are there training sessions to the software?
Yes. Should you be interested, send an e-mail with the word "Training sessions" in the subject line and your contact info to sales(at) and we will contact you asap.

Are there workshops to the software?
Yes. Should you be interested, send an e-mail with the word "Workshop" in the subject line and your contact info to sales(at) and we will contact you asap.

Do you offer presentations for clients?
Yes. Simply contact us under sales(at) or just fill in the contact form and we can schedule an appointment for a live or an online presentation.

What do the products cost?
The current prices are available in the "Quick links" of each product: NotesToPaper, n2pdf, webPDF.

How can I purchase/order the software?
Further information about the product, as well as the order form (price list) may be found on the individual product page under "Quick links": NotesToPaper, n2pdf, webPDF.

Is there a hard copy demo version?
Yes. Send an e-mail with your postal address to sales(at) or just fill in the contact form. We will then send you free product information, including the Demo-CD by regular mail.

Which payment methods are possible?
We deliver our software electronically after receiving clearance from our credit insurance. We may ask for prepayment for first time customers.

How do I receive the software?
Standard delivery is via e-mail. A mail will contain your license information as well as a special download link for customers.

How fast do I receive my software?
As a rule of thumb, the delivery will be within 24 hours of the receipt of the order, provided all necessary information is provided.

Can I return software licenses or trade one product for another?
No. A return of software is not possible.

How can I download a product/upgrade?
This website has a restricted area, which is available only to customers. The delivery e-mail contains the access code (and the link) to this restricted area. Should you have misplaced your access code, simply send us an e-mail (sales(at)

I would like to resell the products to one of my customers. Is that possible?
If you are interested in reselling our products, send us an e-mail (sales(at) with your contact information and the word "Reseller" in the subject line.

Is there an OEM license available?
Yes. Please, contact our sales department at sales(at)

In which languages is the software available?
n2pdf, NotesToPaper and webPDF are currently available in German and English. In case you are interested in any further languages, please, contact our sales department via e-mail at sales(at)

Can I buy an update from a previous version to the current version?
If you are the licensee of the previous version, then yes you can. If not, then please, contact us directly to clarify any questions.

I have purchased your software via a reseller, but would like to contact your support directly. Is that possible?
Yes. We do not discriminate where a license was purchased. We will help you with problems concerning sales, support or any question of a more general nature.

Will I receive free software updates?
Updates contain new functionality and are added value, thus they are chargeable. We discriminate between minor and major updates, the prices can be found in our current price list. Free updates are available to all customers that have concluded a subscription for the product in question.

Will I receive free patches or bugfixes?
Yes. Patches and bugfixing are part of your license. We do not charge for these.

What differences are there between demo and full versions of n2pdf?
All of our products are available as demo versions. These versions do not technically differ from the commercially available full versions, with the main exception of the 30 day limitation. Demo versions can be "unlocked" by entering a full version key.

On which Notes versions and/or operating systems do the products run?
Detailed information can be found on the individual product pages:
NotesToPaper, n2pdf, webPDF.

What size do the product installations have?
The installation files/the installations of each product vary in their size between 40 and 300 MByte.

What should I do if an error occurred while downloading?
An interrupted download may have been caused by a multitude of reasons (loss of an internet connection, server problems, etc.) Please, simply restart the download in order to receive the desired product. For any further problems, please, contact our support.

I have downloaded the product, but cannot find it on my PC.
In order to find a downloaded file, it is helpful to observe the target directory in the "save as" window, which is shown when a download is initiated. After the download has begun and you have selected your options, you see this "save as" window that lets you define where a file is to be saved.

I have reinstalled my PC/operating system. Will my registration key become invalid?
No. Your registration key remains valid. Re-install the software and enter your existing key.

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