Announcing the release of n2pdf 6.0 – an update with new features

It’s that time of year again. And what better way to mark spring’s arrival than with a rich and inspiring software update! You’ve been waiting for it and now n2pdf is available in a fresh new version. The bouquet of features that n2pdf 6.0 delivers takes user convenience to a new level and makes getting

IBM Connect 2016 – February 2016

Events focusing on IBM Notes have become few and far between. Other than SNoUG (Swiss Notes User Group) and DNUG, we’re now seeing more trade shows and conferences that only address technical issues and information technology subjects in general, or mostly revolve around enterprise solutions as a whole. Although IBM Notes may well appear as

Preview: n2pdf 6.0 – update to start the year off right

Our n2pdf software solution has been modernized and comes with a number of exciting and innovative features in its new n2pdf 6.0 version that will be making its debut this spring. To name just a few, these include the direct printout of PDF files and the processing of OLE objects within IBM Notes documents, which

Changing web browser preferences in IBM Notes

There are two possible settings for opening and displaying hyperlinks in IBM Notes. By default, the embedded web browser opens when you click a link in IBM Notes. You can change your preferences if you don’t want that to happen. How can I open links in my usual browser? Although IBM Notes comes with an

Creating a PDF/A archive for an IBM Notes mailbox (video)

Short video guide: How to use the “n2pdf Archive” software to create a PDF/A archive for an IBM Notes/Domino mailbox. This n2pdf video shows you step by step how you can create a local archive for a mailbox. Why should I create a PDF/A archive? The benefits are hard to overlook: Helps you fulfill legal

n2pdf exhibition highlights: DOAG 2015

In 2015 we were on the road attending some very interesting events with our n2pdf and webPDF software solutions. In addition to the SNoUG (Swiss Notes User Group) conference, which dealt primarily with sharing information about everything having to do with IBM Notes and Domino, we also had the opportunity of taking part in the

SNoUG 2015: n2pdf meets Swiss Notes User Group

In October 2015 (27 + 28 October 2015) we decided to visit Zurich where the Swiss Notes User Group (SNoUG) took place. The small conference focused primarily on the exchange of news and innovation around IBM Notes Domino and IBM. SnoUg Conference topics All exhibitors had the opportunity to present their products in 5 minutes

How do I enable the Out of Office agent in IBM Notes?

It’s finally holiday time! But wait! Isn’t there something I’m forgetting to do? Ah, yes. Got to make sure I enable the Out of Office agent on my office computer to let people know I’ll be gone for a while. Doing this ensures that an automated reply (called an out-of-office notification or message) will be

Case study: IBM Notes – archiving at a recognized level of audit compliance

How to deal with the daily flood of e-mails and systematically archive them all amid this deluge? This is exactly the question that a great many companies are confronted with. Businesses generally face the challenge of managing an enormous number of mails. On top of that, management must give serious thought to an archiving method

Using n2pdf 5.0 to convert HTML content

Are you aware of how easy it is to convert HTML content using the newest version of n2pdf? Nearly every larger business faces the challenge of having to archive documents. Sooner or later all of them have to answer the question: What’s the best way to preserve and archive documents, particularly e-mails? Most companies use