The n2pdf Archive tool Search & View (4/4)

In the fourth and last part of our series about n2pdf archives (part 1 n2pdf Archive in general, part 2 Domino Server Task, part 3 Job documents) we now want to introduce the search tool Search & View in detail. To put it in a nutshell: n2pdf Archive comes with a very good automatic function

#dominoforever – HCL Notes Domino takes off

Since the takeover of Notes Domino by HCL Technologies, the well-tried database system Notes Domino (formerly Lotus Notes) has really taken off! HCL Technologies is an IT services company based in India. It is a multi-billion dollar IT company that now employs over 140,000 people in 44 countries. The takeover of IBM software products, including

n2pdf Archive Part 3: What are Job-Documents?

The third part of our series about n2pdf archives (Part 1 and Part 2 described n2pdf archives in general and n2pdf archives as Domino Server Task) is about what job-documents are and how they work. In order to explain in detail how job- and order-documents work with n2pdf archives, one must first say: n2pdf can

n2pdf Archive as Domino Server Task (Part 2/4)

This second part of our series on how to use n2pdf archives (part 1 here) is about how to create archives with the Server Task. The purpose of n2pdf archives is usually to create PDF archives from Lotus Notes databases (HCL Notes databases) or mailboxes. The advantage is that one can preserve the existing structures

All about n2pdf Archive

Archiving emails and applications from Notes Domino n2pdf was developed especially for the conversion of documents and file attachments into PDF or PDF/A from Notes Domino. Our tool n2pdf Archive is ideal for long-term archiving of company data from Notes. With this software you have a complete solution for archiving Notes content and attachments in

Archiving data from HCL Notes Domino – Practical example

Our case involves the complete conversion of an entire database including all documents including error checking and logging. What exactly does an archiving project with n2pdf look like as a complete solution for Notes/Domino? In this case study, a company converted a large number of databases with all documents to PDF/A so that they could

#domino 2025 – Lotus Notes is still alive

Since IBM’s development partnership with HCL, some Notes/Domino (formerly Lotus Notes) enhancements have been announced. (In the meantime Connections and Notes/Domino went completely to HCL – the transaction will be finalized in mid-2019). The #Domino 2025 Jams were used to discuss the future product path. This initiative is intended to focus on customer wishes and

n2pdf Advanced: n2pdf and webPDF – a strong combination!

Make the most of all conversion possibilities in combination with webPDF! Our software solution n2pdf can also be used in combination with webPDF. For this use we have bundled our “n2pdf Advanced”, which clearly corresponds to an advanced use of n2pdf. n2pdf is our software tool for IBM Notes Domino (formerly Lotus Notes/Domino) to create

10 advantages of our PDF plugin for IBM Notes

n2pdf (PDF tool for Notes) offers the greatest flexibility for developers, namely extensive control options with the greatest possible simplicity for users who only have to press a button.With n2pdf it is very easy to archive emails from within IBM Notes.When converting Notes documents into the PDF format, it often makes sense to adopt the

Always up to date with the n2pdf subscription!

Enjoy the advantages of our subspcription program and always be the first to receive the latest versions! Do you want to be sure when you buy our software that support is included and that you always receive all updates automatically? Then our subscription is the right thing for you! What is a subscription? When you