HCL Domino v12 – What new features can you expect?

Domino and Notes from HCL Digital Solutions – All the latest version news:

The latest version is web and mobile ready, includes low-code features, and is cloud-native. Since the platform has always been backward compatible, upgrading to v12 is direct, fast and easy:


The new HCL Domino v12 is interesting above all in terms of application development. The focus is on app development and everything to do with collaboration. Domino 12 is therefore intended as a modern platform for IT and companies that are innovative and future-oriented.

On the subject of low-code development, it can be said that with HCL Domino Volt as a low-code application, it will be possible for everyone in the company to use forms, company data and workflows with solutions developed in-house. So it’s easy to use the new Domino Volt, even if users don’t know much about how Domino works, because it also brings a simplified management console in the browser, among other things.

The next important point is that HCL Domino is now cloud-native and, above all, brings the security and automation that every company expects. In general, it’s about better app, client and mail usage. In addition to improvements as far as HCL Verse is concerned, HCL Notes has also been optimized in terms of user experience, workspace improvements and search.

All about the HCL Notes/Domino 12 release

As expected and announced, HCL continues to develop Domino/Notes for users and has again announced new features with the current version 12.

Above all, Notes scores here with the keyword Total Cost of Ownership (TCO, total cost of ownership). The innovations otherwise refer to the Notes client. There is a strong performance improvement at startup as well as Apple M1 support. In addition, many languages are now included in the standard dictionary, eliminating the need for subsequent installations. Furthermore, you can expect a modernized user interface with optimized text and image display for high resolutions and improved workspace. The search and formatting options have been extended and there are some new features in the mail database.

Another point to note is that mobile use has received a significant boost with HCL Nomad and with version 12, Nomad is now available for the browser. In addition, Nomad offers replication for all environments. So you can work offline with Notes applications on your iPad (without customizing your application).

Besides the Notes client, there are also news regarding the Domino server regarding new certificate management for SSL certificates, integrated backup and restore functions, 2-factor authentication for the http service and Microsoft AD Sync.

Comfortable working with the cloud

The future of work is in the cloud and this can also be considered a highlight of HCL Domino 12: Domino is now cloud-native and thus can be used anywhere – on-premises, hybrid or in any cloud. In other words, HCL Domino is designed to be a cloud-native, web- and mobile-ready application development platform. This also means that all HCL products that are cloud-native can also be conveniently run in your own data center or even in a cloud of your choice.



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