Domino Jam Session 2022

Domino Next Generation Jam 2022 in Frankfurt

In addition to DACHNUG, many other recommendable events are always organised by DNUG (German-speaking association of users of HCL collaboration products). This year, it was possible to take advantage of the opportunity and finally participate in some face-to-face events again.

In addition to dachnug49, the interactive Domino Jam session has already taken place, which directly followed the credo of the previous Dachnug, where the focus was already clearly on the interactivity of the participants. The Domino Jam sessions were to be understood as an active exchange, bringing together HCL representatives, HCL users, developers and administrators from the HCL Domino/Notes environment. Classically, it was also possible to find out about the current status and to review the events of the past events. In addition, it was also about talking together about future plans and wishes of users.

Planned as a “jam”, the event gave the opportunity to collect concrete ideas for product improvements. In addition to technology, the ideas could also concern support, licensing or marketing. And the example of Project Keep (described in more detail here (in german): made it clear that feedback from the community is very important and is also heard.

Conclusion of the Jam 2022

Just like at the Dachnug, an exciting mix of people from the HCL environment came together. Exciting especially because they were able to contribute to the topics of Notes and Domino from very different perspectives. This year, the focus was particularly on developer topics, as HCL’s new HCL Volt MX Go offering will be primarily concerned with building mobile apps and modern browser applications for existing Domino databases.

Course of the event

The introduction was made by the HCL product managers (Andrew Manby, Barry Rosen and Thomas Hampel), HCL Ambassador Bernd Gewehr showed his demo from the Dachnug in an extended version. This was followed by the jam session itself. The ideas and customer wishes that came up here were recorded and will eventually flow into the roadmap process. This is precisely the attraction of the session jams, which are intended in particular to actively help shape future processes. In this sense, the upcoming Domino Next-Gen Jams are also recommended:

  • 19.09.2022 Domino Next-Gen Jam in Zurich
  • 21.09.2022 Domino Next-Gen Jam in Düsseldorf
  • 22.09.2022 Domino Next-Gen Jam in Hamburg
  • 10 and 11.10.2022 Domino Next-Gen Jam in Munich
  • 12.10.2022 Domino Next-Gen Jam in Vienna

(Registration possible via the event page of HCL Software)