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Always up to date with the n2pdf subscription!

Enjoy the advantages of our subspcription program and always be the first to receive the latest versions! Do you want to be sure when you buy our software that support is included and that you always receive all updates automatically? Then our subscription is the right thing for you! What is a subscription? When you

Events around IBM Notes Domino 2019 – Preview

Trade fairs, conferences and events in the fields of software, technology, IT, administration, databases or database systems are like sand on the sea. 2019 will again be an exciting trade fair year with many events every month. But you have to say: There are unfortunately only a manageable number of dates and only three or


Successful data migration in companies

With a migration of data (word origin: Latin migration means emigration or migrare means: to move, to move away) one moves data from one (old) system to another (new) system. The classic example is: How do I get my old mobile phone data onto my new one? It’s like moving from an old to a

Convert emails to PDF at the tap of a button

Most of today’s business correspondence is handled less on paper and more so electronically. While this saves time and money, it raises entirely new questions at the same time, such as: What needs to be considered when archiving emails? Which mails have to be archived and what’s the best way of doing so without creating

#dominoforever – IBM Notes and Domino V10

Frankfurt turns yellow – Now it’s time to take off! Since the birth of Lotus Notes 1.0 on December 7, 1989, new versions of IBM Notes have been released at regular intervals. In October 2018 (almost 30 years later) the long-awaited release of version 10 took place. The world premiere of Domino V10 took place

How-to: Summarise archives with the n2pdf Archive Merger

With “n2pdf Archive” PDF archives can be created from Notes applications, which can be displayed and searched with the “n2pdf Archive Search & View”. The “n2pdf Archive Merger” offers – as an additional tool – the possibility to merge archives, to convert folders with PDF as content into archives and to merge archives with folders.

n2pdf – the new 7.0 version is here!

It’s that time again – the new version of n2pdf is now available. Many of the new and updated features were developed on the basis of specific recommendations and feedback we received from our customers. Discover the many smart improvements we’ve made to several of those classic features you’re familiar with. We think you’ll be

Adopt IBM Notes data structure when converting to PDF

The n2pdf software solution makes it remarkably easy to retain the data structure of a Notes file when converting it to PDF. This means you can create PDF documents while at the same time maintaining and expanding the Notes document’s architecture, links and cross references within that PDF. PDF in practice PDF has established itself

DNUG 2018 in Darmstadt

In summer 2018 the 45th DNUG (German Association of Users of IBM Collaboration Products) took place in Darmstadt. The preparations for #dnug45 in Darmstadtium had already started in the course of the year, so that the conference could start well prepared and organized. It was particularly important to the organizer to inform the participants well

IBM Engage May 2018 in Rotterdam

2018 was all about IBM events. In addition to DNUG and IBM THINK, IBM Engage 2018 will be the focus here. The conference, which took place from 22-23 May 2018, was a very special event this time, as the SS Rotterdam was chosen as a very special venue. The former liner ship, today a huge