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How is n2pdf licensed?

The program parts n2pdf Client, n2pdf Server Agent und n2pdf Archive  each requires an own user or server based license.

The license for n2pdf Client is a personified license. The license (registration key) is always connected to the user-ID of a specified Notes user. It does not matter in how many databases reports are to be integrated. In order for a license key for n2pdf to be issued, we always require the Notes user name in the full canonical format (including the CN, OU, O and C identifiers). The demo version of n2pdf is not linked to the Notes user name.

The program modules n2pdf Server Agent and n2pdf Server Task on Domino/Web Server are "per server licenses". The registration key is always based on the canonical server name of Domino server (see client licenses) and constitutes a "per server license" (also see the license agreement in the program group). It does not matter, how many users are accessing the server or how many applications or databases are being run on the server.

What is the difference between the "Standard" and the "Advanced" version?

The advanced version of n2pdf includes an additional OEM license of webPDF. webPDF enables the user to convert file attachments in formats such as e. g. Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), PowerPoint (.ppt) or OpenDocument, as well as different graphic formats into the PDF format, without using the original application. Further information can be found under "webPDF".

OEM license for n2pdf

n2pdf is also available with an OEM license for direct integration and operation with another standard Notes application. The standard n2pdf license is restricted to an individual or server and allows is to be integrated into the end user's application. You will need an OEM license if you want to develop a standard application and integrate and market the functions of n2pdf as a component of the application. In addition to the registration key you will also receive an additional OEM licensing key for validating the license. 
To purchase or receive information on OEM licenses, please send an e-mail to sales(at) or call +49 661 25100-0.

What does n2pdf cost?

The current price list for the various n2pdf modules is available for download. This provides the prices for all the a.m. licenses. All prices are quoted in EURO and in addition to the applicable value added tax. Scales of discount are available on request.

How can I order n2pdf?

You can order n2pdf by using the order form provided on this page. In order to be able to process the order, the order must contain the number of users/servers as well as the Notes user or server name in canonical format for each user. Simply complete the form provided and fax it to +49 661 25100-25.

Where do I find the Notes user name for the registration key?

Use the "n2pdf registration (n2pdfReg.Exe)" program. This displays the user name in the main window. Use the button to the right of the user name, this will copy the user name to the clipboard from where you can then copy it into your E-Mail.

Is there a subscription program?

Yes, additional information to our subscription program may be found on the following page - "Stay on top, keep pace with time!".

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