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n2pdf 3.0 - What is new?

Formatting and structure of the PDF file

  • HTTPS links are converted and are clickable in the PDF file
  • When attaching PDF files, existing outlines are included.
  • When amending PDF files with completed form fields, the values are taken over.
  • Compression of the created PDF as ZIP archive with password protection and freely definable file name

Handling of file attachments

  • Native conversion of 100 file formats via the interface to the StarOffice Server - PDF Converter (SOC)
  • Define if conversion is to be performed via SOC or via the internal converter.
  • Define which file formats are converted via the SOC or all unknown file types, if the internal converter is used.
  • Embedding files in the PDF:
    • Embed files at the original position or at the end of a document.
    • Show the file name and the icon of the embedded file.
    • Hide the graphics symbols for file attachments in Notes.
  • Enhanced support of TIFF files and multi-page TIFF files
  • New options for compressed archives
  • Set passwords for protected archives.
  • Set passwords for protected archives.

Table improvements

  • Nested tables are supported (unlimited nesting depth).
  • Tabbed tables are identified and the contents are output sequentially.
  • Options to automatically scale tables to the page width
  • Set the horizontal spacing between the cell border and the cell content.

Contents and formatting

  • Max. height and width of graphics can be set.
  • Automatic removal of empty pages at the end of a document
  • Page width, page height and page margins can be set for each page.
  • Supports multi-level pagination
  • % values for the left and right paragraph margins in Notes documents are supported.
  • Negative tabs in Notes documents are evaluated.
  • Text templates support the setting of the left and right paragraph margins, as well as the indent of the first line.

Table of contents

  • Tab position of text and pagination can be defined
  • Filling the spaces between the content and text and pagination with special characters (e. g. dots or underscores)
  • Option to "keep together" headlines and content


  • Calculation of default values for fields that are contained in a form, but are not saved in a document
  • Calculation of fields which are defined as "computed for display"
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