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n2pdf 3.1 - What is new?

Server integration

  • Complete "thread-safe" implementation of the PDF generation for better performance on (web) servers

Table of contents

  • Multi-line headings in the main text ([TOC:…]) and entries in the table of contents are now possible. For this, the max. width of the text in the table of contents must be set via an option.
  • New variable [TOC] for headers and footers for output of the current chapter name. In addition, you can decide, whether the chapter numbering is part of the variable and the max. chapter level that should be present in the variable.

Formatting and structure of the PDF file

  • Support of ISO standard 19005:1-2005 (PDF/A) (n2pdf now supports the standard for long-term archiving.)
  • Setting further security options in the PDF file:
    • Assembling of contents
    • Filling in and signing of form fields
    • Output support for the content
  • The max. depth of numbering in the table of contents can be specified.

Handling of attachments

  • For the transfer of file attachments with the function "N2PDFAddAttachment", individual fields of the document or names of attachments can now be given.
  • If file attachments are passed with the function "N2PDFAddAttachment" and these should be integrated into the PDF file as links, then this can occur at the same position as in the Notes document. In addition, you can decide via an option, whether the link should appear as text or as a file symbol. If the link is displayed as a symbol, the file name of the linked file can be shown or hidden.
  • File attachments that are imported into the content of the PDF file can now be imported at the position at which they are embedded in the Notes document.
  • An option can be used to say whether compressed attachments should be unpacked and the unpacked content should be processed, or whether the compressed file itself should be processed (e. g. in linking of file attachments in the PDF file).

Contents and formatting

  • In the text, footnotes can be defined using a template of the form [FOOTNOTE:xxx]. The formatting for the footnotes can be defined with a text template. If no footnotes are needed, the checking can be deactivated.
  • For the global text template settings, such as bold, italic, underline or paragraph settings, can now also be defined.
  • Graphics in Notes documents which are defined as "hotspots" (URL, formula, Notes link) are accepted into the PDF file as clickable graphics.


  • The performance for serial letters was significantly improved.
  • Various improvements in the export and display of RichText fields or Notes forms (e. g. display sections)
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