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The job document for creating the archive

n2pdf Archive’s server task uses Notes documents (called jobs) to create the PDF archive.

This application operates using the "mail-in" principle and requires two Notes databases:

  • The jobs database (n2pdfJob.nsf) to plan and manage the PDF creation jobs
  • The processing or inbox database (n2pdfInbox.nsf) for executing the pending jobs

All the archiving jobs (job documents) for creating the PDFs are generated in the job database. You can specify in the job documents all the criteria for one-time archiving or for setting specific times or schedules to archive the respective databases or mailboxes.

The inbox database is where the server task copies the job documents that are pending execution. The server task runs a new job when it is in the inbox and creates the PDF archive according to the options that were set.

Lots of PDF options for the archive

The conversion settings for creating the PDF archive are made in the job documents. These jobs offer numerous different settings to meet your specific needs in terms of:

The file source

  • Convert an entire database or a selected views

Filing the PDF documents

  • Lets you choose whether the file structure should match the view layout or be based on a particular logic

PDF settings

  • These are important when you want added security or need to meet statutory requirements for compliant long-term archiving (PDF/A-1 through PDF/A-3)

Safeguarding against manipulation

  • Attach digital signatures and certificates

Handling file attachments

  • Features that let you embed, convert or import file attachments
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