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n2pdf 6.0 – What is new?

Direct printing of the created PDF files

The new N2PDFPrint function allows script-controlled printing of PDF files. The various options, such as target printer, page width or number of copies, can be controlled using N2PDFOPTION_TOOLBOX_PRINT_.... The print function requires webPDF.

Handling of file attachments

  • The option N2PDFVALUE_ATTACHMENT_EMBED_ICON_NONE can now also be used to add attachments to the PDF document with no visual linking (annotation). This means that in the mode N2PDFVALUE_ATTACHMENT_EMBED_MODE with N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_MODE, the attachments are only added to the internal lists of attachments of a PDF document.
  • New option N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_EXPORT_OLE for processing OLE objects. When this option is enabled, any OLE objects present are handled as attachments and are therefore subject to the options set for the handling of attachments.
  • When the option N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_EMBED_CONVERT_ERR is enabled, file attachments that could not be converted are embedded as a PDF in the original format.
  • Die Option N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_ADD_CONV_IGNORE erlaubt das Erstellen einer Liste von Dateianhängen die bei der Verarbeitung(CONVERT MODE) ignoriert werden sollen. Die angelegte Liste kann über die Option N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_CLEAR_CONV_IGNORE gelöscht werden.

Table of Contents

The new option N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_ADD_OUTLINE_ENTRY allows a new entry to be made in the outline of the PDF document when an attachment is imported. The outline of the PDF to be attached is registered in this entry.

Export options

The new export option N2PDFVALUE_TARGET_FILE_FORMAT makes it possible to save the created PDF file (additionally) in various other file formats. Possible target formats are RTF, TXT, HTML and DOCX.

For the new DOCX export format, the option N2PDFVALUE_TARGET_FILE_FORMAT_DOCX also makes it possible to transfer the set document properties to the Word document.

PDF metadata

The new options N2PDF_SERVER_SETTING_PDF_INFO_XMP_... allow the integration of XMP metadata in the PDF file.


The new option N2PDFOPTION_IMAGE_TIFF_DPI_XY_ADJUSTMENT allows different X/Y resolutions for the DPI values to be taken into account during import of a graphic into the PDF document.

n2pdf Archive

Function for the extraction of the design information from databases for visual reproduction in the display program n2pdf Archive Search & View.

The n2pdf Search & View display program now also enables the new display form “View mode” which is a display based on the design export. This shows elements such as categories, answer documents and column definitions.

New function for the creation of links for duplicates of documents that have already been converted.

The new completeness check option ensures that all documents in the database are converted.

Function for automatic selection of all views for the database export

You can now define a black list for file attachments and archive formats.

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