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Functional range

The following is only a sampling of n2pdf's many features and what you can do with them:

Headers and footers

  • Set headers and footers separately for first, last and following pages as well as for even and uneven numbered pages.
  • Customize headers and footers with formatted text for each individual page.
  • Fill headers and footers with RichText elements.
  • Set the distance of headers and footers to the margin.
  • Output of the chapter headings to headers or footers

Table of contents

  • Create a real clickable table of contents.
  • Definition and output of a separate header and footer for the table of contents
  • Individual design of header and footer for the table of contents
  • Text width of table of contents freely definable
  • Multi-line captions in the main text and the individual entries of the table of contents are possible.
  • Display depth of table of contents limitable
  • Definition and use of standard texts for the different levels of the table of contents

Text format

  • Standard or custom paper formats
  • Preset portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Predefined and individual paper formats can be set for each page.
  • Insert line and page breaks.
  • Set margins.
  • Global replacement of fonts, font sizes, font colors and paragraph settings
  • Exclusive global text formatting for headers, footers and the table of contents
  • Create footnotes for additional annotations or for lists of references
  • Many predefined text templates i. e. for table of contents, hyperlinks or footnotes
  • Create individual templates to control the output of unformatted text.

Unicode/multilingual PDF files

  • Use of Unicode to edit the content of languages such as Russian or Greek
  • Setup of CID fonts and use via CMaps instead of embedding character sets for non-complex (Asian) character sets
  • Use of predefined CMaps for complex (Asian) languages when creating PDF files
  • Setting the CharacterSet when creating PDF files in languages, which are not Western European in origin

PDF settings

  • PDF document properties: title, subject, author, keywords and created by
  • Configurable 40bit or 128bit encryption
  • Supports PDF versions 1.2 and later (Acrobat 3.x), depending on selected PDF properties
  • Set owner and user passwords for the PDF file.
  • Lets you optimize the compression of the PDF file
  • Set authorized PDF operations: printing, copying, alterations and editing of form fields
  • Embed complete, partial or conditional fonts.
  • Set document page mode: full screen, thumbnails or outline
  • Set zoom mode: horizontal, vertical or fit entire page
  • Add watermarks and define JPEG quality.
  • Supports ISO standard 19005:1-2005 (known as PDF/A)


  • Converting file attachments without having to install the source application
  • Supports different graphic formats (BMP, WMF, EMF, JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG)
  • Handles archive file formats (ZIP, ARC, ARJ, CAB, LHA, RAR, TAR, ...)
  • Various options to display the attachments
    • linking of attachments
    • embedding of attachments
    • import of attachments
    • conversion of attachment
  • Output the file attachments at the same position as in the original document (all display formats)
  • Interface to webPDF, which supports over 100 different file formats
  • Pack a created PDF as a ZIP archive (including password protection and a freely defineable file name)


  • Hyperlink conversion (document, view, anchor, data base, URL, mailto links, anchors within documents, links to open files)
  • The new NDL links now also enable the conversion of links (document links, view links and database links), whose target is not contained in the PDF. In this case the Notes Client is opened with the corresponding document or database.
  • Freely configurable link formatting
  • Supports clickable HTTPS links


  • Easiest possible installation: no registration in operating system, only files are copied
  • Usable on Lotus Notes client, Domino server or as a part of web applications

Server integration

  • Completely thread-safe implementation of the PDF creation for improved performance on server machines


  • Define your choice of style sheets for global text replacement and standard texts.
  • Table output with merged cells (horizontal and vertical), line weights and colors, background colors and intervals
  • Replace variables in continuous text.
  • Support of nested tables
  • Tabbed tables are identified and the contents are displayed "on tab after the other"
  • Create form letters
  • Set a "maximum width / maximum height" for graphics in the PDF file (either as a global setting or per function call)
  • Specific configurations to support Lotus Notes show/hide options
  • Improvement of memory/resource management, e.g. through detection of duplicated images.
  • Improved speed when creating PDF files through optimized search routines for variables and constants and when editing images and creating a table of contents
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