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E-mail archiving

The flexibility of n2pdf ranges from a simple "touch of a button" for the enduser, for converting the desired e-mails to PDF, to providing extensive functions and options, to guarantee individual requirements as e. g. signatures, PDF/A or the attachment conversion.

How could you use n2pdf in your company?


You are looking for a quick solution for your endusers, without any bells and whistles, which is available directly after the installation without any great effort?

"Out-of-the-box" is the second name of our client based n2pdf Mail Store. The n2pdf Mail Store is ready for use directly after the installation and can be called via the actions menu of the client. It provides a number of functions, which enable the user to influence the resulting PDF file.

If you want to make MORE or LESS functions available to the enduser - just contact us.

Server-side archiving without user interaction

You don't want an installation on the clients and want to control everything centrally? The enduser should only be able to make one selection and the rest is to be predefined by developers?

No problem, with the n2pdf Server Agent you can define an agent, which can be used for conversion by all users, and make it available centrally with a design element for calling the agent - done!

Of course, further dedicated requirements or special requests can also be fulfilled by the n2pdf server agent, as the whole range of n2pdf functionality is available to you.

If you require support with the integration - we will be happy to assist you.

Easy-to-configure power solution

You need something quick - in three different aspects? Quickly installed, quickly configured, quick in generating?

Also here we can offer you a solution. n2pdf Archive is our power solution, which - with only a few clicks - creates "PDF jobs",  i. e. small tasks, that can be used recurrently. That way you can explicitly define your own "Job-Templates" for specific topics and make them available to the users. The architecture of the n2pdf Server Task is freely scalable and can be adapted to your requirement.

If you have questions about the use of our product - just ask us.

Out-of-the-box is too inflexible and operation on a server out of the question?

You expect high flexibility, but don't want to swap the functionality to the Domino servers?

The n2pdf Client offers you exactly that. From a button in the view (which only creates the PDF file), to the individual design of the configuration dialog (for maximum interaction of the user), and integration into your existing workflow process - the n2pdf Client offers you all that.

If you want further suggestions or wish to now, if certain processes can be executed similarly in your company - we're here to help.

The advantages of mail archiving with n2pdf:

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Independence of "old" or existing Notes/Domino versions
  • More efficient search by full text indexing of the archived documents (including the attachments)
  • Automatic setting of various safety functions for the sending of confidential information
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Simplified work through archiving without user interaction
  • Maintenance of high flexibility, due to the extensive configuration options
  • Adaption to your individual requirements

These are only a few possible examples of use or advantages of n2pdf. Just talk to us - we will be happy to consult you regarding the optimal application in your company.

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