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n2pdf 4.0 - What is new?

64bit editions for Domino Server

  • n2pdf is available in the server versions "n2pdf Server Agent" and "n2pdf Server Task" as 64bit editions. Thus n2pdf 4.0 can be run on the Domino Server 64bit.

Java integration

  • Integration of n2pdf directly into the java programming using a Java class (JAR) and the Java Native Interface (JNI). In this way n2pdf now can be also used in Notes/Domino or external Domino applications via the Java programming.

Attachment conversion (Advanced license)

  • Conversion of Notes attachments during the PDF creation. More than 100 different file formats can be converted via the webPDF Server without the need of any original application.

Digital signing of PDF documents

  • PDF documents can be digitally signed via the webPDF server after the PDF creation. Attaching a digital signature or certifying the created PDF documents is possible. Besides file-based certificates, Smartcard Reader are also supported. Further time stamps of a Time Stamp Authority (TSA) are able to be attached to the signatures.

Image export

  • The created PDF documents can be saved (exported) as TIFF, JPEG, PNG or BMP images as well. Thus e.g. the additional delivery to archive systems that expect TIFF formats is possible. With TIFF creating a multi-page TIFF file is also supported.

Export options

  • The border settings, falling below the previous minimum of 0,5 cm, can be set down to 0 cm.
  • Automatic expanding of all closed sctions in a Notes document
  • Overwriting the Notes form during the export to temporarily exchange the Notes form for the export.
  • Set the content language by using N2PDFOPTION_SYSTEM_CONTENT_LANGUAGE for the PDF file, enabling the language-dependent form selection for the PDF creation by n2pdf.

Displaying Notes content

  • Export of the Notes UI Controls "Button", "Checkboxen" and "Radiobuttons" as visual controls (graphical display)
  • Indenting sections
  • Detection of encrypted contents with the opportunity to ignore them or the cancel the export

Options for the PDF content

  • Creating "PDF Destinations". The "PDF Destinations" enable to open a PDF file at a particular point.
  • Creating "PDF/A" documents in the standard "1b" (PDF/A-1b)
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