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The enhancements of n2pdf version 3.2 and their background

More options!

You want...

... more design options for the Table of Contents?

The definition and use of different standard texts now enables you to accurately adjust the levels, as well as the headers and footers of the Table of Contents individually.

... to convert more file attachments directly from the file system into the PDF file?

The function N2PDFAddFile enables you to convert and process any file type from within the file system, according to the preset mode for the handling of file attachments.

... to specifically define the author, who is displayed in the title by embedded objects?

A new option allows you to change the title of embedded objects, as Adobe usually enters the creator of the PDF file there.

... to convert document, view and database links, whose destination are not included in the PDF?

In the new version you can now also maintain the mentioned links in the PDF document that are not included in the PDF file. The link is made possible by embedding the structure file (NDL file).

... more influence to limit the size of graphics during the transfer?

For each transfer of graphics (file attachments or RichText) you can now define a maximum height and width, in which n2pdf is to display the transferred graphic in the PDF.

More languages!

You want...

... to process many different languages, such as Chinese, Japanese or Russian, as regards content?

By implementing the unicode support it is e. g. possible to convert texts into different languages by function calls of n2pdf.

More performance!

You want...

... to create the PDF file much faster - on the client or on the server?

By optimizing several search routines we were able to speed up the creation of the PDF file considerably.

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