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Archiving with n2pdf Archive

Businesses frequently face some difficult challenges when it comes to electronic archiving or migrating mail and groupware applications to a different platform. And far too often, the value that information plays in a company is vastly underestimated.

The big question most businesses ask is:

  • "What are we going to do with all our application data and documents?"

Once the underlying decision has been made about the scheduled archiving of e-mails or a one-time archiving in connection with the replacement of complex enterprise applications, there often follow many other questions about the availability of the files over time and the fidelity and integrity of the archived data. And, of course, there’s always that concern about how quickly and easily you can find important information later on.

Our n2pdf Archive evolved from numerous client projects and is now a standard application that can answer all these questions. Whether you want to continuously archive e-mails or save data in the process of replacing legacy Lotus Notes applications, n2pdf Archive offers an extensive package of practical solutions.

PDF – the archiving standard

The choice of using PDF as the key archival format in n2pdf Archive offers considerable advantages over other methods. In addition to being able to easily and efficiently search the content of documents, you can also be selective in how various image and text content is handled to ensure that the data is optimally prepared for later use. This format’s ability to enrich PDF content with XML metadata (XMP) makes it ideal for filtering and classifying all your datasets.

n2pdf Archive uses dynamically generated directory structures and document names, which means it can easily adopt the configurations of your existing Notes applications. From the framework of the views to the way folders are reproduced – everything is integrated and generated automatically.

Thanks to its powerful and flexible architecture, n2pdf Archive can adapt the speed and workflows to match your specific requirements. Its intelligent process monitoring feature ensures that the conversion will resume even when problems arise and can even identify any manipulations to the created archive.

Makes archives searchable

n2pdf Archive comes with a full-text indexing and display functionality that ensures you can find all your important data at a later time. Comparable to the Notes full-text search, but much faster, this feature allows you to thoroughly search the archive by entering search terms or doing a specific search in the metadata. The results are then shown directly in an integrated viewer.

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