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Which advantages does n2pdf offer as compared to other "PDF tools"?

As opposed to other "PDF tools", n2pdf is not a simple printer driver. It is not just simply the interception of print output from Notes and the conversion of that print output to the PDF format. n2pdf analyses the contents of Notes documents/Notes databases. n2pdf then creates PDF files, which are put together as is required and the entire PDF creation is embedded in a Notes application and completely controllable via LotusScript. n2pdf is thus capable of converting entire Notes applications into the PDF file format, whereby maintaining the entire document structure of the original Notes application. As opposed to other "PDF tools", n2pdf may be used in fully-automated mode, on the Notes client, the Domino server or in web-based applications.

n2pdf can thus be seen as a "PDF plug-in for Notes" - it was designed around the Notes specifics and provides the benefits of the PDF format.

The most important benefits

  • n2pdf can convert an unlimited number of RichText fields, simple text fields or entire documents (including the document structure, i. e. links contained in the documents).
  • These contents can be amended by placing headers and footers (including page numbers and total number of pages), by letting n2pdf generate a clickable table of contents and by using n2pdf's formatting templates to format content in addition to things Notes can do.
  • All things that make sense in a PDF file, which none however Notes can provide.
  • The link/navigation structure of Notes content is maintained thus maintaining one large Notes benefit.
  • By providing the additional options of e. g. global font replacement, n2pdf supports a corporate design as far as font, font size and color or generated documents are concerned.
  • By directly setting relevant PDF security options, the corporate standards for PDF creation are enforced.
  • The PDf creation can be controlled via programming or via configuration documents.
  • And last, but not least, since n2pdf can be integrated in any Notes application, no matter, if it is client-, server- or web based, Notes workflows are supported and perfected.
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