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Searching PDF archives

n2pdf Archive lets you create PDF archives from your Notes datasets. Depending on the size of the database and the conversion settings you make, several thousand PDF documents can be created in no time at all.

Along with the "n2pdf Archive – Search & View" program, n2pdf Archive also allows the full-text indexing of documents to ensure you can search through these data pools for specific content or documents.

n2pdf Archive not only gives you a powerful converter, but also a tool with which you can search and display the entire body of converted data.

A query language similar to that of Notes (e.g. using "AND" and "OR") means you can search all the data and see the results right away. And the documents that are found can be exported or printed right from this application.

You can also use the filter feature to systematically reduce the amount of data to be searched. The filters are filled on the basis of your Notes documents’ XMP metadata during the export.

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