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64 bit support since version 4

You have a 64bit core server?
You have a 64bit operating system?
You have Lotus Domino 64bit?

But do you have the n2pdf 64bit edition?

No? Then it's time for it!

If you ask yourself now: What for and what are the advantages?

The answer is simple! 264 adresses - 18 billion GByte! ... are convincing arguments, aren't they?

No? O.k., then in other words: A 64bit system is able to handle considerably larger amounts of data than an ordinary 32bit system, thanks to its architecture. As such a system can use more working memory, it can handle more queries and tasks at the same time and create bigger PDF documents. Whereas Domino uses more memory now, n2pdf is also capable of using more memory and performing more conversions at the same time.

When should I use the 64-bit edition?

  • If your Windows and Domino server are 64 bit
  • If many applications on your 64-bit Domino server work simultaneously
  • If you want to create many and especially large PDF documents
  • If you want to make sure that your system is state-of-the art and thus sustainable
  • If you simply want to get the most out of your n2pdf

Than the 64bit editions by SoftVision are the right choice for you.

If you only run a few applications simultaneously or use Domino 32bit, which is not supported by n2pdf 64bit, the 32bit editions are suitable for you.

But no matter, which decision you make - n2pdf is ready and waiting for the installation.

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