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What can n2pdf do for users?

n2pdf was designed with one idea in mind:

"As simple as possible for the end user, as powerful as is required for the developer."

A button in the action bar of your application or a few clicks in a Notes document and you have a PDF. You as the end user will be given a tool to create PDFs as easily as possible. A couple of clicks and done. The developers however need more - they need the power n2pdf provides!

How can n2pdf support your end users and your organisation?

  • Global font or character size replacement is an ideal way to reinforce your corporate design and corporate identity (CD/CI).
  • Its seamless integration within the Notes application ensures the integrity of your application's workflow.
  • A precise, selective and managed archiving of Notes content into a standard format that is usable on any platform becomes just one more workflow task.
  • And because it can be directly integrated into the Notes application of your choice (even Notes standard applications), you can easily do the kind of e-mail archiving your company needs that will stand up to any audit.
  • Converting file attachments on the server, without having to have the original host application, is just one more remarkable way of using n2pdf.
  • n2pdf generates an output format for rapid information sharing via fax gateways or e-mail, to name only two. It makes Notes content available to the entire outside world, without losing its Notes database structures, in what is today's most widely available standard format that can be used on any platform. This means that your information can now be read and used by those who do not have a Notes installation or who work with other software platforms (e. g. wireless data devices).
  • n2pdf can also be employed as part of a web application, letting you easily create dynamic PDF files. These can then be generated based on the selections users have made. n2pdf simply provides the complete flexibility your users require in a single, easy to use application.
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