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n2pdf Client

n2pdf Client - the end user solution to create PDF documents from any given Notes database. It is installed locally and allows the conversion of entire Notes documents or individual fields into the PDF format. File attachments can be included in the PDF file.

n2pdf Client is accessed by the end user directly from within the Notes database (i. e. the mail database). It can be integrated into an applications workflow and requires no knowledge of the PDF file format. The user does not have to be trained to use additional applications, but can create PDFs directly from the application he or she is used to. All a user has to do is to click a button in the action bar or activate an agent when sending a document.

The Notes developer uses Lotus Script or Java to integrate n2pdf in an application. What a developer gets is an extension of the programming language, which makes it possible to flexibly control the creation of the PDF files.

The developer creates agents or libraries and makes them accessible from within the application. By allowing user interaction, i. e. by use of dialogues or configuration documents, n2pdf Client allows the creation of individualized PDF files. Important features, such as the corporate design or required security settings, can be guaranteed without causing the end user additional work.

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