E-mail Archiving with HCL Notes

How can you implement legally compliant e-mail archiving with Notes/Domino?

Due to the requirements of the DSGVO (basic data protection regulation) and the GoBD (Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access) in Germany, all business e-mails must be added to a long-term archive. For this purpose, all e-mails must be converted into a data format that meets the requirements of legally compliant archiving.

All e-mails in such a long-term archive must be complete, tamper-proof, available at all times and machine-readable. This means that a strategy for continuous e-mail archiving must be considered that ensures that the data is available in the long term and must also be specifically searchable at all times. Our software n2pdf Archive has been developed on the basis of many customer projects and is intended to enable permanent e-mail archiving or can also be used to replace existing HCL Notes applications.

PDF/A as archiving standard format

Our recommendation: The uniform conversion of all documents and e-mails to PDF/A format.

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Many companies use conversion software for this purpose. The special feature of our conversion solution n2pdf is that it is especially specialized for HCL Notes/ Domino. This also provides you with an all-in-one solution for handling e-mails in your company and enables you to optimally implement a legally compliant e-mail archiving with Notes/Domino.

Archiving with Notes – Our many years of experience

For many years we have specialized with our software n2pdf in the development of software for Notes Client and Domino Server. With n2pdf our customers have the possibility to create PDF files from Notes/Domino contents and, among other things, to implement a revision-proof long-term archiving. With n2pdf Archive you can archive databases and mailboxes in PDF/A standard without any programming effort.

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E-mail archiving with HCL Notes – What are the advantages of n2pdf?

  • All legal requirements are fulfilled
  • It does not matter which Notes/Domino version you use
  • Efficient search through full text indexing (n2pdf Archive: Search & View)
  • You benefit from extensive configuration options
  • Quick and easy integration and flexible adaptation to your individual requirements
  • You have the option of server-side archiving without user intervention (Server Agent)
  • Automatic setting of various security functions for sending confidential information is possible
  • Existing structures and cross-references in a Notes document can be retained and even extended when converting to a PDF document
  • Since n2pdf 5.0 you can use a function for processing HTML contents (MIME contents)

n2pdf Archive offers the wide range of functions of webPDF

By using n2pdf Archive you can also access the functions of webPDF. Many more helpful functionalities are available to you, such as inserting digital signatures or barcodes as well as OCR or PDF/A documents for archiving.

Detailed information about archiving e-mails with complex contents and attachments can also be found in our blog at: https://www.n2pdf.de/blog/en/using-n2pdf-5-0-to-convert-html-content/ or in our detailed four-part series about n2pdf Archive: https://www.n2pdf.de/blog/en/all-about-n2pdf-archive/

Concrete examples and customer projects

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