Digitize business processes with n2pdf

Modern document processing: Optimize office and administration processes with the complete solution n2pdf

Almost all companies are constantly modernizing their work processes to meet digital requirements and to accelerate time-consuming procedures. This is because digital processes offer the advantage of creating greater independence and flexibility. For example, you can work from anywhere. Whether in your home office, in the office or on the road. The independence of location is an important argument in favor of implementing digital work processes. It also means that work processes can be run more efficiently and effectively.

In general, office and administrative processes that are free of media discontinuity bring significant added value to all employees of a company. In this context, it is always worth thinking about whether and how paper-based processes can be partially or completely eliminated or minimized. Or how to manage to have all documents and e-mails, including attachments, in a uniform format. Ideally, all documents can be archived accordingly.

The disadvantages of non-uniform data formats within a company are obvious: Nobody knows how to handle the different formats. In addition, certain processes can no longer be executed at all or become time-consuming due to incompatibilities, version updates and the need to use different applications again and again. In addition, sending digital documents and graphics becomes more error-prone and time-consuming. We recommend a uniform format within a company, ideally for all documents. This can be made possible by software that converts the innumerable file formats into PDF or PDF/A format and thus standardizes them.

If you use a central PDF server to create and process PDF documents, you have created ideal conditions for digitizing your business processes and thus using them effectively.

An important factor when converting to digital processes in companies is that every company already has an existing IT landscape that needs to be taken into account. Real added value can only be created if there is a continuous flow and automation of processes. Our software integrates seamlessly into existing structures and can be ideally adapted to the respective individual circumstances. n2pdf was especially developed for HCL Notes Domino.

Another argument for promoting and expanding digital processes within the company is that digital processes allow greater flexibility when customer wishes and business conditions change. And it has been proven that automated processes in companies save money and time.

Do you use Notes Domino formerly Lotus Notes?

n2pdf as a solution for PDF creation from Lotus Notes/Domino

Two important areas that play a role in digital business processes are e-mail archiving (or data exchange in general) and long-term archiving with PDF/A. Our software n2pdf is suitable for PDF creation for Notes Client and Domino Server and is therefore ideal for converting your digital documents and file attachments into PDF format. With n2pdf you can also process file attachments.

The source format plays a minor role when converting to PDF, since n2pdf (in conjunction with webPDF) can convert almost any data format and you do not need the original application. Another important advantage for Notes users is that you can add corresponding structures with n2pdf. You have the possibility to transfer document links into the PDF, even tables of contents are possible.

With n2pdf you can implement an audit-proof e-mail archiving, adapted to the respective company, and thus optimize your office and administration processes. In addition, Notes contents can be made available to users who do not have Notes installed themselves.

Optimizing digital business processes – More practical examples: