Advantages of n2pdf for developers

Since n2pdf is provided for the users by software developers or IT staff, the advantages especially for developers should be discussed here.

From a developer’s point of view, it is especially easy to use n2pdf in a flexible way and to enable an optimal interaction with the users. The flexibility is created by the extensive control options that are available. In addition, it is very easy to integrate it into your own applications.

Furthermore, n2pdf does not have its own script logic, but extends Lotus Script/Java and is integrated into the existing (script) logic. This means that no new logics have to be learned for its use.

What are the concrete advantages of n2pdf from a developer perspective?

  • You can use n2pdf quickly and easily and integrate it into your own applications or business solutions via Lotus Script or Java. You can find out more about client and server integration here:
  • We provide various resources, documentation and examples to help you get started. A number of scripts are available through a sample application.
  • Due to its high flexibility, it is possible for the developer to integrate n2pdf into an existing workflow or a scheduled agent, or to give users the possibility to create complex PDFs from Notes structures with just one click via a simple action button.
  • You can integrate n2pdf at any location in a Notes database that can be programmed with LotusScript.
  • You will receive an interface that can be used via Lotus Script or Java.

Further information for developers