Handling of file attachments

The different processing modes when using n2pdf

n2pdf is a complete solution for HCL Notes/Domino for the PDF conversion of documents.

A PDF creation for Notes Client and Domino Server is always necessary when companies want to use the PDF or PDF/A format for data exchange or archiving.

More about n2pdf and the four four different modes when processing file attachments

You have the possibility to integrate n2pdf into your own applications via Lotus Script or Java. n2pdf takes over single RichText fields or complete Notes documents as well as unformatted ASCII texts. In addition to Notes documents, file attachments can also be processed with n2pdf. File attachments can be processed in four different ways. You can choose how the different attachments are to be integrated into the PDF document. In addition to processing classic file attachments, n2pdf can also process packed attachments.

The four processing modes you can choose from:

Import mode

The content of a graphic attachment is imported directly into the PDF file. You can choose whether the import mode should be placed at the position of the file attachment in the body text or at the end of the document. You can find more information in our online help.

Convert Mode

In this mode, the attachment is attached as an additional page after the conversion. You will then find the pages at the end of the PDF. The advantage of the Convert mode is that you can use the full bandwidth of the external import filter (webPDF).

Link mode

The corresponding attachment is filed and inserted into the PDF via a link. This attachment handling is possible with any file format and does not require an import filter. Advantage: Since the content is referenced and thus does not become part of the PDF, the PDF files remain small and are not unnecessarily overloaded by all file attachments.

Embed mode

The attachment is embedded in the corresponding PDF file and it is possible to open it there directly as a file. This form of attachment handling is possible with any file format and does not require an import filter. Advantage: Since no changes are made to the file content, you always have access to the original file.

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