All about n2pdf Archive

Archiving emails and applications from Notes Domino

n2pdf was developed especially for the conversion of documents and file attachments into PDF or PDF/A from Notes Domino. Our tool n2pdf Archive is ideal for long-term archiving of company data from Notes. With this software you have a complete solution for archiving Notes content and attachments in PDF and PDF/A format. It is possible to create entire archives from Notes mailboxes including Notes applications without any problems. On the one hand, you can back up the business applications once, or on the other hand you can back up all e-mails automatically.

n2pdf Archive was developed specifically on the basis of customer enquiries and has gradually developed into an important standard application. It offers solutions for different purposes. This primarily includes permanent e-mail archiving for companies that use Lotus Notes or the replacement of existing Notes applications.

Advantages of n2pdf Archive

  • No programming necessary
  • The data structures are transferred from the Notes applications.
  • n2pdf Archive is equipped with an excellent display function that can read the index that n2pdf can optionally create: n2pdf Archive – Search & View
  • Use of the archive format PDF in connection with the possibility to generate XML metadata
  • n2pdf Archive has a very flexible structure and can be adapted exactly to the respective application purpose
  • In addition, intelligent process monitoring makes it possible to detect manipulations to the created archive or, in the event of problems, to easily resume conversion.

More information about n2pdf Archive

Application areas

Our software n2pdf Archive is usually used for the electronic archiving of data. Another field of application is the migration of mail and groupware applications. Customers often approach us with the problem that the move to another platform is imminent and that the data and documents of the existing applications must now be backed up. The focus here is that the data must be available in the long term and unchanged. This also means that the data (and the information it contains) should be retrievable quickly and easily via a search.

In the following, further aspects of n2pdf archives will be examined in more detail. Part 2: Create archives with Server Task, Part 3: Create job documents and Part 4: n2pdf Archive Search & View tool.

More information about n2pdf archives can be found on the n2pdf website