n2pdf Archive as Domino Server Task (Part 2/4)

This second part of our series on how to use n2pdf archives (part 1 here) is about how to create archives with the Server Task.

The purpose of n2pdf archives is usually to create PDF archives from Lotus Notes databases (HCL Notes databases) or mailboxes. The advantage is that one can preserve the existing structures and automatically convert all e-mails and their attachments without having to program for it.

n2pdf Archive is part of the n2pdf software solution. With this tool you can create PDF documents from the Notes database. The advantage is the flexibility for the developers.

The Server Task is one of the three parts of n2pdf:

1) n2pdf client that installs on the user’s local computer

2) The Server Agent is installed on the Domino Server (so PDF files can also be created in the background or in web-based applications) – so users can use the solution with the Server Agent on their PC without having to install it on the Notes client.

3) The Server Task is the third component and can be used as a complete solution for creating PDF documents (without programming). The Server Task is installed on the Domino Server (or as a stand-alone version on the client) and processes the incoming orders with the help of the two Notes databases Jobs- and Inbox databases.

If you want to convert a large number of documents quickly and efficiently, n2pdf Archive with the Server Task is a recommendable alternative:

Domino Server Task as High-Performance Solution

The Server Task takes over the jobs created by you and regulates the PDF conversion automatically. You receive the PDF documents in a freely definable directory structure. With the Server Task it is possible to create and plan individual jobs. Of course, certain schedules can also be defined.

Jobs database and Inbox database

When configuring the jobs, the Server Task uses two databases to manage and process the jobs. The user places his orders in the jobs database of the server (in the form of Notes documents). They are marked as jobs in the inbox and then processed by the server task. The inbox is a list of jobs that are processed sequentially. Here you can optionally perform various steps, such as conversion, indexing or packing. These can be controlled manually or time-controlled. You also have the option of using different functions. For example, the dataset can be checked for encrypted documents before conversion.

Customizable Server Task

A further advantage of using n2pdf Archive is that the Server Task is scalable, i.e. its performance can be adapted to the most diverse requirements. By setting the simultaneous converter instances, you can tailor the Server Task to the hardware of the computer or to the individual conversion requirements. It should be emphasized that an optimal data throughput is possible due to the full multithreading capability.

Server Task as stand-alone version

If there is a problem that no Windows Server or other resources are available on the Domino Server, you can also install the Server Task as a stand-alone version on any computer. This gives you a converter that can use all system resources for PDF creation.

More about n2pdf Archive

In the following, further aspects of n2pdf archives are described in more detail. Part 3: Creating Job Documents with n2pdf Archives and Part 4: The n2pdf Archive Tool Search & View

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