Archiving data from HCL Notes Domino – Practical example

Our case involves the complete conversion of an entire database including all documents including error checking and logging.

What exactly does an archiving project with n2pdf look like as a complete solution for Notes/Domino? In this case study, a company converted a large number of databases with all documents to PDF/A so that they could be transferred from Notes to a long-term archive. In addition to this variant, there is, of course, also the option of saving the data on a hard disk and then being able to search it.

Case study archiving project with n2pdf Archive

A common case is that companies use a Lotus Notes environment that is used for email communication. If this environment is to be switched off, the question arises of how to implement reasonable archiving and how to ensure that emails and their attachments can continue to be found and read easily. In this case the Lotus Notes clients should no longer be accessed.

With such an archiving project all documents are converted into a desired format (for example PDF/A-3b). The databases to be converted can then be transferred by the company to a long-term storage solution.

With n2pdf Archive it is easily possible to convert a large number of databases with a large number of emails and documents. Not infrequently these are hundreds of databases with several million documents.

Long-term archiving with Notes – practical example

Our practical example dealt with the archiving of a large number of databases. We recommended n2pdf Archive for the implementation of such an archiving project. This software was then used to convert the Notes databases to the company’s server. For the duration of the project it was possible to start n2pdf archives with extended instances in order to speed up the execution of such a large archiving process.

Detailed project procedure step by step:

  • Normally the installation is carried out by the company’s own staff, with SoftVision providing support if necessary.
  • The configuration was then carried out exclusively by SoftVision.
  • In order to ensure a smooth workflow for the complete project, a complete list of the databases to be converted as well as the required access rights to the server and the databases themselves had to be created.
  • The target drive and the naming conventions were also defined.
  • Three VPN accesses (Citrix accesses) were provided for the implementation.
  • In addition, a detailed reporting was performed (e.g. the amount of e-mails before conversion, the conversion errors that may occur or the number of folders in the Notes database).

Flexible licensing options

There are different possibilities for licensing and will be adapted individually. In addition to the case described here where the licensing was adapted, you can also buy the product or use an already existing licensing. There is also the possibility that we offer the creation of an internal extended n2pdf Archive license and of course support during installation and configuration during the implementation of such an archiving project. In addition, a database list and the key data for filing can be procured. Then the sample jobs/jobs (incl. metadata) are created and the conversion is carried out. In a final step, the archives are checked.

Why n2pdf archives? – Archiving complete databases

If you want to archive content and attachments from Notes in a PDF or PDF/A format and want to archive an entire database, n2pdf Archive is ideal. You can easily create entire PDF archives from Notes applications or Notes mailboxes. The archive creation is done without programming by a one-time order or for continuous archiving. The data structures of the Notes applications are adopted and mapped in the PDF archive. The PDF documents are then also easily searchable: n2pdf Archive – Search & View. In addition, there is another advantage: use is possible in other archiving systems by integrating XML metadata (XMP).

More info in the video:

As a rule, companies approach us if they use IBM Notes and are looking for a legally compliant and permanent solution for archiving. All documents and e-mails should be converted into a format in which the data can be read on a long-term basis. The companies are then looking for a tool that automatically converts all mails and files from IBM Notes into PDF/A. This is the first step in the process. The n2pdf software then convinces with corresponding features. One of the advantages of n2pdf is that users do not have to start an external application. In addition, the original structures and cross-references are retained in the PDF.

This is particularly interesting for users of IBM Notes, as the familiar IBM Notes navigation elements, i.e. links to documents, views or databases, are simply adopted and even supplemented by new, useful structures (such as a table of contents). The convenient operation and simple implementation are particularly convincing for administrators and developers. The fact that PDF documents can be individually adapted is very convenient for the developers in the respective companies. As an additional feature, you can merge different documents or use functions to encrypt data.