What are the benefits of IBM Notes?

Despite all prejudices: IBM Notes has been used for a long time in many companies and still enjoys great popularity, even though it is repeatedly put to the test and also polarized very strongly. IBM Notes has a large and extremely loyal fan base, which often has to defend itself against critics.

Now we want to emphasize the advantages of IBM Notes:

What distinguishes IBM Notes from other groupware platforms, other database management systems (DBMS) or a pure document management system (DMS) as well as a pure e-mail program?

  1. Probably one of the most important points is that IBM Notes is not just a pure e-mail program, but can be used in many different ways
  2. According to IBM, IBM Notes is above all a “desktop client for social business”. This enables the company to access all kinds of information and also all kinds of applications
  3. You always have central access and get information quickly, this is a major advantage, especially the “full offline functionality” can be called here – one of the biggest advantages is certainly that the program can also be used from on the road
  4. IBM Notes can be used to develop applications. LotusScript, Java and JavaScript allow users to create databases: You can create large databases with all possible file attachments
  5. In addition to the standard applications (e-mail, calendar), IBM Notes also offers database templates (discussion or team databases)
  6. Since Notes as a database is based on documents, each element (document) has its own ID, which has the advantage that it can be found quickly and is unique through the ID
  7. IBM Notes can be used with various operating systems (Mac OS, Windows or Linux)
  8. Notes users can set up widgets (provides DeepL access to features) and also access other IBM products
  9. Thanks to its modular structure, IBM Notes can be individually and flexibly adapted by any company to its own requirements
  10. Since IBM Notes version 8.5, the groupware has also been able to handle Drag & Drop, the overall operating concept has been significantly modernized, integration of various web services (social media networks) is possible
  11. With the simultaneous step to Eclipse as development environment the actual platform independence was further increased
  12. IBM Notes causes low costs and reduces workload
  13. Information is easy to structure, to filter and to find quickly. All authorized employees always have up-to-date access to all information

In summary, one can say that if one does not regard IBM Notes as a pure e-mail program, one can notice strong advantages over other applications. One thing is certain in any case: IBM Notes is particularly suitable as software for mapping individual, company-specific business processes of companies.

Here you can find his nice description with screenshots of all versions of Notes.