Advantages of n2pdf Server Agent

Our software product n2pdf is used to create PDF documents with IBM Notes Client / Domino Server. As a complete solution it converts documents and file attachments of any kind into PDFs. The main field of application for n2pdf is data exchange or data archiving with PDF/A. With n2pdf you have the possibility to convert content from IBM Notes quickly and easily. The advantage here is above all the versatile application possibility:

n2pdf can be used as n2pdf Client, n2pdf Archive or as n2pdf Server Agent. But what are the advantages of n2pdf Server Agent?

With the Server Agent the PDF files can be created in the background. Since the n2pdf Server Agent is installed on the Domino server, the conversion of the IBM Notes content runs on the server.

Details about n2pdf Server Agent

  • Integrated into applications via Lotus Script or Java
  • It is also possible to use PDF creation in web applications.
  • Nothing changes for the user. He is provided with a button with which he can create a PDF file.
  • Installation on the client is not necessary
  • With the n2pdf Server Agent PDF files can also be created in web applications:

All in all, n2pdf as a PDF solution offers developers employed in companies a particularly high degree of flexibility. This is based on the three-pronged concept of the software:

  1. The n2pdf client is installed on the user’s local computer.
  2. The Server Agent is installed on the Domino Server. PDF files can be created in the background or in web-based applications. Users can use the solution without having to install it on the Notes client.
  3. n2pdf Server Task (n2pdf Archive) is a complete solution for creating PDFs without programming. It is installed on the Domino server or alone on the client and transmits orders for PDF creation via Notes databases.