n2pdf – the new 7.0 version is here!

It’s that time again – the new version of n2pdf is now available.

Many of the new and updated features were developed on the basis of specific recommendations and feedback we received from our customers. Discover the many smart improvements we’ve made to several of those classic features you’re familiar with. We think you’ll be impressed by how truly practical and functional the innovations contained in version 7.0 really are.

n2pdf 7.0 offers new and improved features to help you:

  1. Prepopulate forms
  2. Better use Microsoft Office
  3. Merge n2pdf archives
  4. Add signatures
  5. Generate barcodes
  6. And much more

Fill-in PDF forms

The new N2PDFOPTION_WS_FORMSIMPORT_ADD option lets users import any Notes content to existing PDF forms. Now you can create and prepopulate any number of order, registration and application forms – to name just a few.

Using Microsoft Office for conversion

Activating the N2PDFOPTION_CONVERTER_USE_OFFICEBRIDGE option will enable you to convert file attachments from Word, Excel and PowerPoint directly from the native Microsoft Office application centrally on the server. n2pdf uses the webPDF Office Bridge feature to do this. For the client version of n2pdf, you’ll now have the option of using your local installation of Microsoft Word directly to convert documents in addition to its centralized use.

New n2pdf Archive Merger application

The new n2pdf Archive Merger application expands the n2pdf Archive Search & View program and lets you merge existing n2pdf archives into one large archive. In addition to that, you can also index any folders with PDF files and then view and search through them in n2pdf Archive Search & View.

Expanded settings for signing PDF documents

We’ve enhanced the options for affixing electronic certificates in this latest version, which lets you determine the signature’s position and size. You can also add graphics files (e.g. signatures in the form of images) and, in addition to setting their level of background transparency, choose where you want them positioned.

Adding barcodes

New features for adding barcodes let you create the most common two- and three-dimensional barcode formats, including Aztec, EAN 13, EAN 8, PDF 417 and QR code. You can, for instance, access barcodes directly from your Lotus Notes system and then add these to your documents. This is just one example of how this new version can make any number of processes simpler and faster.

Other interesting features and capabilities:

  • The new N2PDFOPTION_EXPORT_UI_CONTROLS_MODE option lets you export controls, such as checkboxes and radio buttons, right from within documents.
  • The current N2PDFOPTION_SYSTEM_LAUNCH_VIEWER feature for automatically opening PDF documents can now launch other file formats as well.
  • The N2PDFOPTION_PDF_FONT_MODE option for embedding fonts now supports Type 3 fonts.
  • The new feature for activating MIME means that n2pdf Archive can use a variety of HTML processing methods. You can choose whether content is converted using the internal HTML parser or if webPDF should process the HTML content.


Not only is it important that our software products be continually revised, updated and perfected, but that we keep in touch with our customers. We welcome and appreciate your suggestions and ideas, which you are invited to share with us by calling +49 661 25100-0 or sending an email to support@softvision.de.