How-to: Summarise archives with the n2pdf Archive Merger

With “n2pdf Archive” PDF archives can be created from Notes applications, which can be displayed and searched with the “n2pdf Archive Search & View”. The “n2pdf Archive Merger” offers – as an additional tool – the possibility to merge archives, to convert folders with PDF as content into archives and to merge archives with folders.

How to merge multiple PDF archives and/or folders

Start the “n2pdf Archive Merger” with the file ‘n2pdfMerger.exe’ or the file ‘n2pdfMerger-x64.exe’.


First the folders for merging and a destination folder must be selected. The source folders can be existing archives or just PDF folders (Important: For an archive to be recognized as such, it shouldnt contain any ‘.pdf’ or ‘.pdf.lnk’ files outside the ‘./output’ subdirectory). The target folder is the base folder for the archive to be created. In addition, there are several options described in the “Help” Section. In this example, indexing has been selected so that the result archive can be searched immediately after creation with “n2pdf Archive Search & View”. Start the process.


After you have started the process, a window opens in which the progress and the log output are displayed.

After the successful merge, the result archive can be opened with “n2pdf Archive Search & View”. You now have an archive with the entire contents of the merged source folders.

How to convert folders with PDF content into PDF archives

Start the “n2pdf Archive Merger” as described above.


As the source folder, select the folder or folders with PDF content to be converted. The destination folder is the same as the folder for the archive to be created. Start the process.

If the process was successfully completed, you can now display the created archive with the “n2pdf Archive Search & View”.


“n2pdf Archive Search & View” with the newly created archive