Adopt IBM Notes data structure when converting to PDF

The n2pdf software solution makes it remarkably easy to retain the data structure of a Notes file when converting it to PDF. This means you can create PDF documents while at the same time maintaining and expanding the Notes document’s architecture, links and cross references within that PDF.

PDF in practice

PDF has established itself as the standard format for sharing data or archiving mails and information. Today any reputable system of data archiving will use PDF and PDF/A. And there are many different fields in which PDF can be employed.

In addition to data interchange or depiction in the web, it is also used in archiving and the print industry, and has gained increased importance in almost every line of business. As a format, there is much more to it than just its depictive character. You can now integrate complex structures and links into documents in order to make the content navigable. You may be familiar with such frameworks as the foundation of many Notes applications.

Your IBM Notes application stays vibrant

n2pdf incorporates one truly practical approach that has made the wish of being able to retain the data structure of a Notes application within a PDF come true. You can use it to apply the structure to the PDF and then even enhance it with additional elements. With n2pdf you can create really complex PDF documents.

Four compelling reasons for creating PDF documents with n2pdf

  1. Needs little effort or prior knowledge
  2. Doesn‘t interrupt the workflow
  3. Minimizes troubling sources of error
  4. Requires no formal training or admin expenses

How it differs from other tools

n2pdf has a number of advantages over other PDF tools. One is that users will have a finished PDF document with as few clicks as possible. Another is how n2pdf lets developers enjoy a maximum of flexibility.

n2pdf as PDF plug-in for Notes

n2pdf doesn’t simply intercept the print output of IBM Notes, take it under control and convert it. Instead the contents of the Notes documents or Notes database are analyzed and the PDF files are individually compiled from the Notes content. In addition, the entire process can be controlled through programming. This lets you convert entire databases into PDF files while maintaining the application’s structures. n2pdf can be used on the client, the server or in a web-based applications.

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