DNUG 2018 in Darmstadt

In summer 2018 the 45th DNUG (German Association of Users of IBM Collaboration Products) took place in Darmstadt. The preparations for #dnug45 in Darmstadtium had already started in the course of the year, so that the conference could start well prepared and organized. It was particularly important to the organizer to inform the participants well and to enter into an exchange with them. There should be plenty of scope for direct enquiries. An important point should be that one could get to know partners and manufacturers well and could enter into a direct exchange of experience.

DNUG in Darmstadtium

The Darmstadtium is a science and congress centre with a futuristic style and is perfect for congresses and conferences of all kinds. The building offers the ideal setting for all company and product presentations, including conferences such as DNUG.

The event, which is organized by DNUG e.V., could score a lot of interesting contents. For example with the presentation of the work with IBM Connections using the example of the companys Kühne und Nagel and Görz-Beckert, who use Connections in production.

And an absolute highlight of course: Richard Jefts (HCL) and Andrew Manby (IBM) dressed as Marty McFly and Doc Brown from “Back to the Future” present everything about Domino2025. The most important points were discussed: Version 10 of Domino is coming, version 11 is being worked on. The support cycles will be adjusted to 5+3 years, there will be a new Notes app for Domino applications on the iPad (HCL Nomad). Additionally there will be a new release for IBM Verse. Besides this probably unique presentation, only Mike Gagnon’s (HCL) “Deep Dive on Domino 10 and beyond” stood out. He showed all improvements of the new version in a very refreshing way.

Everything about the working day of the future

Above all, everything worth knowing about the key topics Workstream Collaboration/ Artificial Intelligence/ Watson Workplace with its solution spaces was also important – a vision of the workplace of the future, if you will. One of the core topics, just like at the IBM THINK 2018: The workflows of the future are to be revolutionized.

Example: Not only the workflows regarding e-mail will change: Meetings can also be organized differently in the future: The conversation tool with Watson-augmented Intelligence is designed to revolutionize both internal and external collaboration. Keyword IBM ZOOM. In addition IBM Connections is the leading social platform based on Open Sorce technologies and how it evolves.

What makes DNUG so special?

Outstanding is certainly the fact that the conference is one of the few where you can really take something home from the individual discussions, the several roundtables and Q&A sessions and of course also from the traditional evening event. All in all, DNUG can really be seen with its lectures, workshops, keynote speeches and tracks: The entire agenda can be found here.

Outlook: DNUG 2019

Next year, DNUG participants can look forward to something very special: The anniversary: DNUG e.V. will be 25 years old and DNUG 2019 will be the 46th conference, which is expected to take place on 4-6 June 2019.

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