IBM THINK 2018 Las Vegas

Spring 2018 started with a very special highlight. The IBM THINK 2018 in Las Vegas was a mega-event that bundled all previous in-house trade fairs, such as the well-known conferences World of Watson, InterConnect, Edge, Amplify and IBM Connect under one roof!

The contents of the event were very special. In addition to the most important topics such as collaboration, cloud, commerce, mainframe, financial services and cognitive, there was a firework of speakers and innovations to admire. The focus was on a particularly modern concept. There were fewer traditional meetings, but more concrete exchanges with experts, developers, customers and business partners. And, of course, the IBM portfolio was also to be presented and praised.

IBM THINK to attract more visitors

For some years there was the Lotusphere in Orlando and finally the IBM Connect. With this big event 2018 IBM wants to bundle all other events of the last years and thus reach much larger numbers of participants. The IBM THINK took place for the first time in Las Vegas from 19-22 March 2018 and brought together an amazing 30,000 people. Despite the size of the conference, there was a lot of networking in the collaboration community that excited most participants. Certainly, the event lost all family character, but offered endless possibilities and diversity on the so-called campus.

Innovations for the working world of the future

Right at the start of IBM THINK’s Collaboration Day, it became clear what the core topics would be. Bob Schultz (General Manager IBM Collaboration and Watson Talent Solutions) presented the core strategies for 2018, which focused on integrating solutions, simplifying and optimizing workflows, and supporting intelligence. Presentations were given here: IBM Connections Pink and Watson Workspace, verses, Notes client with version 10 and Domino applications, which should run natively on tablets in the future.

Everything revolves around multi-clouds

The conference also focused on the multi-cloud and was intended to highlight Big Blue’s expanded multi-cloud strategy and, above all, to present new strategies for IBM Cloud Private. Like all large companies, IBM wants to use its in-house exhibition to present the latest technologies. Among other things, the focus was on the secure management of multi-clouds and solutions that accelerate the transition to the cloud in order to network data and applications as quickly and securely as possible across different systems.

In addition, all innovations regarding the IBM Cloud Private were presented. It is designed to manage private and public clouds together in order to connect digital data and apps in a multi-cloud. So IBM wants to take advantage of the fact that by the end of 2018 most large companies worldwide will be using a multi-cloud architecture.

One of the key points of IBM THINK was the IBM Cloud Private, which will gradually be installed on many enterprise systems to provide an environment that allows enterprises to maintain control over their core applications. Here, the main topics were security, compliance and performance. The idea is that companies should also connect their IT with public cloud services.

Important core topics of THINK 2018:

  • IBM Watson Workspace
  • All about cloud and data security
  • IBM Research
  • Internet der Things (IOT)
  • IT infrastructure
  • Mobile Devices

True innovation: Intelligent meetings with Watson Workspace:

It should be emphasized that Watson’s cognitive technology in particular offered absolutely innovative highlights: The ZOOM technology was presented, which enables Watson Speech-to-Text to make a protocol directly from meetings and then to create smart summaries with cognitive Watson technology to work out questions and actions.

What will happen next? Outlook for the future:

The common presentation of IBM and HCL to the topic #Domino 2025 and the release 10 of the Domino products Verse, Notes, Domino and Sametime planned to the second half-year is to be emphasized. Above all, the expansion of Domino is to be continued. Domino should become a leading JavaScript development environment with technologies like node.js or Loopback and thus address more users.

Further events 2018 on the topic of IBM Notes

  • DNUG Conference in June 2018 in Darmstadt, Germany
  • IBM THINK 09 Oct 2018 in Frankfurt
  • IBM THINK 06 November 2018 in Vienna
  • IBM THINK 2019- February 12-15 In San Francisco