Events around IBM Notes Domino 2019 – Preview

Trade fairs, conferences and events in the fields of software, technology, IT, administration, databases or database systems are like sand on the sea. 2019 will again be an exciting trade fair year with many events every month.

But you have to say: There are unfortunately only a manageable number of dates and only three or four events on the topic of IBM Notes Domino that have really specialized in this topic. Here you will find the most important dates for your calendar at a glance!

The most important events about Notes Domino 2019

  1. DNUG – the DNUG (association, which is considered as the only German association of the users of IBM Collaboration products – origin. abbreviation German Notes User Group) – the DNUG organizes regularly events especially aligned to the Notes community and the association members as well as an important annual conference the DNUG in June 2019 with the main topic IBM Notes Domino. – In addition, the latest news and information on other events and new update and release information are regularly made available on the website.
  2. SnoUG – The Swiss Notes User Group is regarded as an insider tip in the Notes community (we have already reported about it) and is one of the few organizers who really specializes in this topic. It’s a relatively small conference, but in recent years it has always been a reliable annual event and has built up a small but fine fan community. Unfortunately there is no date for 2019 yet, but we will hand it in here immediately if this is the case.
  3. With the IBM THINK it is necessary to mention the big in-house exhibition of IBM, whereby this is a huge event, which develops Notes topics only as one among many. The DNUG always reports about this in detail. – THINK 2019 has already taken place this year (12th to 15th February in San Francisco).
  4. IBM engage, which always takes place annually in May (just like last year), is an interesting alternative event for anyone interested in a conference in Europe. This year’s date: 14-15 May 2019.engage sees itself in the tradition of Lotusphere and the original Notes user conferences like UKLUG, ILUG or NLLUG (LUG stands for Lotus User Group) which are distributed locally everywhere. The focus here was always on developers and administrators organizing themselves together and developing a community idea. Since 2009 there has also been a Lotus User Group Initiative (BLUG) in Belgium and Luxembourg. Since 2012, the BLUG has also been extended to the Netherlands and has stood for the Benelux Lotus User Group ever since. At the end of 2013 this event finally became “engage”. The organizers clearly focus the engage on strengthening the interaction between users of the collaboration software and the dialogue between users, partners as well as IBM and HCL.
  5. Already in April the Connections Jam will take place. On 01 April 2019 you can participate in an IBM Connections Jam in Frankfurt. The so-called Jams (created since 2017 as a successful format to strengthen the community idea) are quasi interactive workshops where you can actively participate in the further development of the products. At best, users, developers and manufacturers should work out the requirements for the next versions. In this case it is not about IBM Notes or Domino, but about IBM Connections.

IBM Notes Events 2019 – #dominoforever

The year 2019 already offers three enormously important dates in summer. In addition there are the jams. IBM Notes Domino can be actively involved in these unique events. They have become an absolute highlight for the entire Notes community. In 2019 there will certainly be jams for Notes Domino updates again. The last jams took place at the end of the year. In addition, the Notes community expects the SnoUG date, which has not yet been fixed, to conclude the year with a really big anniversary: At the end of 2019, IBM Notes alias Lotus Notes will be a fabulous 30 years old!