5 advantages of HCL Notes Domino

What speaks for the well-known database system that recently celebrated its 30th anniversary? What are the main features that make Notes Domino (formerly Lotus Notes) stand out from other software systems (such as Microsoft)? We would like to highlight five of the most important advantages.

HCL Notes Domino (formerly Lotus Notes, later IBM Notes Domino) is mainly used by companies and institutions. The easy creation of Notes database applications is especially appreciated. If you do not consider HCL Notes Domino as a pure e-mail program, you can see strong advantages over other applications. It is just the more complex system and is exactly suitable for the companies that can exploit the potential there. Notes Domino is a groupware with an extended database environment – not a pure e-mail program.

5 advantages of HCL Notes Domino as a database model

  1. the synchronization of data on several computers is possible. In Notes you create a replica. It allows the user to work in offline mode by creating a local copy of the database file. So one of the biggest advantages is that the program can be used on the road. You always have central access and generally get information quickly.
  2. very high data security and data access security (additional protection against malware.)
  3. is operating system independent (you can also use Eclipse, Linux or Mac besides Windows).
  4. information is easy to structure, filter and find quickly. All authorized employees have access to current information. Since Notes is a database based on documents, each element (document) has its own ID, which has the advantage that it can be found quickly and is unique.
  5. The Notes applications have a clear advantage: With little effort and at low cost, applications can be developed quickly and you have a system at hand that can be adapted to the individual needs of a company (even with rapidly occurring changes) and expanded flexibly.

Database archiving from Notes

If you want to archive Notes databases in parts or completely (e.g. if the Notes database is to be replaced completely or partially) despite the advantages mentioned above, then we are an experienced partner. We have been supporting companies that want to start larger archiving projects for several years and are familiar with projects where Notes databases have to be archived.

Here you can find our practical example of archiving from HCL Notes Domino