Insert digital signatures with n2pdf

n2pdf offers you the possibility of digital signing of PDF documents. Especially when working within larger companies, it is increasingly necessary to secure certain documents or to prepare them perfectly for long-term archiving.

Since n2pdf is a software solution that generates PDF files on the basis of IBM Notes/Domino and also enables the conversion of entire Notes databases into PDF format, it is only natural that the application of digital signatures should be possible here.

n2pdf can therefore be used to regulate encryption or access rights and adheres to valid standards such as PDF/A.

What are digital signatures and what are they good for?

By affixing a signature with a digital certificate, the authenticity of PDF documents is confirmed and the documents are protected against changes and manipulation. Such an electronic signature is intended to secure the authorship and integrity of PDF documents, e.g. by using a signature key to assign the created signature to a specific person or similar.

A digital signature is comparable to a handwritten signature. Only that the whole thing has to work digitally. In addition to the possibility of simply placing one’s signature under an application document, there are also documents for which it is necessary to create so-called digital certificates or time stamps. This means that documents, in this case PDFs, should be secured in such a way that the original document can no longer be changed (if desired) and that the originator is certain beyond doubt.

One knows different forms of digital signatures. On the one hand there is the signature, i.e. a visible handwritten signature. In addition, company seals/stamps can be inserted on documents. In addition to such a visible certification, there are also “invisible” ones. In other words, a certification signature that is intended to ensure that a document can no longer be subsequently changed and to reliably prove the origin and the author of the document. The document is quasi “locked”.

n2pdf and digital signing via the interface to webPDF

n2pdf creates PDF documents for you, which you can now comfortably certify (sign). You can use the interface to webPDF to do this. webPDF attaches a corresponding certificate or timestamp, whereby you have various settings at hand to adapt your signature to your wishes.

Application area of electronic signatures

Such described signatures are often used in the context of E-Invoice (electronic invoice) or archiving systems (audit-proof archiving).

Note: With the new version 7.0

With the new version 7.0 of n2pdf you have even more features available for digital signing. The setting options have currently been extended here. In the new version, for example, you can now define the position and size of the signature. In addition, you can also transfer graphic files (e.g. signatures in graphic form) and influence not only the opacity but also the position.