How-to: Creating or modifying an IBM Notes Signature

It has become common practice to end e-mails with a corresponding greeting formula and his contact data. Of course, you can also do this automatically, which means that a so-called signature is automatically attached to every e-mail that goes out, without you having to formulate anything again.

How do I create an IBM Notes Signature?

Create a personal e-mail signature:

You can easily create or change your own individual e-mail signature in IBM Notes. You only have to open the dialog More / Preferences in the mail inbox:


Here you can create individual signatures under “Signature”. Under Simple Text / Plain Text enter your contact data and confirm with OK. These are automatically placed under each outgoing e-mail.

To do this, select “Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail massages” / “Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages”.

Attach signature with vCard or from your own file

Optionally it is possible to add one of your importable contact files by simply clicking on “Attach my vCard” / Append my vCard in Rich Text.

The e-mail signature can be changed or deactivated in IBM Notes at any time. To do this, simply remove the check mark from “Automatically append a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages” / “Automatically add a signature to the bottom of my outgoing mail messages”.

It is also possible to use a signature from a file: The file must be saved on your computer as TXT, HTML, JPEG, Bitmap or GIF. In this case, first open your e-mail and click on “Signature”.


Here you can choose between “No Signature” / No Signature or “New Signature from File” / New Signature from File and select your file there.

Important tips and hints for creating an e-mail signature:

The signature should be included in any case:

  • Greeting formula
  • Legal information if necessary
  • Contact details: Name, address with telephone number and e-mail address
  • Business: Company and department / function
  • Private: Your web presence can also be mentioned or profiles in social networks
  • Signature should also be formulated in English if necessary

Especially for companies there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled and are usually preset (corporate design requirements have to be observed). An e-mail signature also makes sense in the private sphere, because it saves time and the recipient really receives an address each time, which can always be useful.

If possible, the signature should not be included:

  • Sayings, motto of life
  • Marketing on your own behalf
  • typing errors
  • Graphics and logos