Export documents with any form

Did you already know that you can use alternative forms, when creating PDF documents, which n2pdf will use to render the PDF file?

You have a complex form layout, but only need a few fields from this document and do not want to forego an attractive layout in the PDF.

You can solve exactly such problems with the new function N2PDFOPTION_EXPORT_OVERRIDE_FORM_NAME.

See how easy that is…

Create a new form and design it according to guidelines or your own ideas.

Before you export the corresponding documents set:



That’s all!

Fast – Simple – Works

Test the new features of n2pdf for yourself!

For this, SoftVision offers you various support options:

  • Tutorials in the download section of our website.
  • You can find descriptions of the functions and options in our developer manual for n2pdf.
  • You can test different sample applications for yourself directly in our demo databases, which are provided automatically with the installation.

Of course, our technical support is available to you anytime.

… and now we wish you much success!