Announcing the release of n2pdf 6.0 – an update with new features

It’s that time of year again. And what better way to mark spring’s arrival than with a rich and inspiring software update! You’ve been waiting for it and now n2pdf is available in a fresh new version.

The bouquet of features that n2pdf 6.0 delivers takes user convenience to a new level and makes getting your work done much easier. These new features were developed in response to specific customer requests and reflect the kind of close and personal interaction we share with our customers. This is why all of the innovations contained in this new n2pdf version will inspire you with their practical applicability and impressive functionality.

What exciting innovations come with n2pdf 6.0?

  1. Direct printout of the generated PDF files
  2. New handling of file attachments
  3. Creation of a table of contents
  4. New export option
  5. Integration of PDF metadata
  6. Allows different DPIs when importing graphics
  7. Image file error correction

Direct printout of the generated PDF files

This new feature (called N2PDFPrint) enables the script-driven printing of PDF files. Now you can use N2PDFOPTION_TOOLBOX_PRINT_… to manage the many different options, such as printer destination, range of pages, and number of copies.

New handling of file attachments

When you set the parameter N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_MODE to N2PDFVALUE_ATTACHMENT_EMBED_MODE, you’ll be presented with the additional option N2PDFVALUE_ATTACHMENT_EMBED_ICON_NONE. By using the embed mode and this new N2PDFVALUE_ATTACHMENT_EMBED_ICON_NONE option, the added file attachments can now be saved in the PDF without a symbol showing an embedded file. This option lets you create attachments in a PDF without the need for having a link (such in the form of an icon) within the PDF’s visible content.

On top of that, we’ve introduced an innovative option (N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_EXPORT_OLE) for handling OLE objects. With it, existing OLE objects, such as attachments, can be processed and then respond to the options set for attachment handling. Furthermore, and by activating N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_EMBED_CONVERT_ERR, those file attachments that can not be converted will be embedded in the PDF in their original format.

Creation of a table of contents

The new N2PDFOPTION_ATTACHMENT_ADD_TOC_ENTRY option lets you merge the outlines and in so doing add new outline entries when connecting two PDF documents that both have an outline (bookmark).

New export option

The new export option N2PDFVALUE_TARGET_FILE_FORMAT gives you the choice of saving the created PDF file in a number of different file formats. This means you can also save the documents compiled with n2pdf in other file formats, including RTF, TXT, HTML and DOCX. In the case of the DOCX format, you can, among other things, even transfer all the document’s properties that were set (using the active option N2PDFVALUE_TARGET_FILE_FORMAT_DOCX) to the new Word document.

Integration of PDF metadata

n2pdf 6.0 also lets you add XMP metadata to the PDF file. The benefit here is that you can embed additional information, which because of its XML structure, can be used in downstream processes and on any platform. (This new option is called N2PDF_SERVER_SETTING_PDF_INFO_XMP_ …)

The n2pdf Archive product component was, of course, also upgraded and enhanced as part of the version update. Overall, the manner in which views are displayed was adapted to the optics of the IBM Notes original, an improvement that makes navigation better and faster for users. Here the changes mostly involve the design export and the following important points:

New search view (folders and views)

The Search & View feature gives you an easy and convenient search function. The original view from IBM Notes is adopted to the greatest extent possible when exporting the database, which means you can get yourself oriented more quickly and reliably.

Completeness check

This feature makes certain that all documents are included in their entirety whenever a database is exported. This ensures that users won’t be missing any particular views or documents later on.