Preview: n2pdf 6.0 – update to start the year off right

Our n2pdf software solution has been modernized and comes with a number of exciting and innovative features in its new n2pdf 6.0 version that will be making its debut this spring. To name just a few, these include the direct printout of PDF files and the processing of OLE objects within IBM Notes documents, which are then treated as file attachments.

Other new features of n2pdf 6.0

n2pdf 6.0 also offers a new export option that gives users the ability and choice of filing documents assembled with n2pdf in other file formats, such as RTF, TXT, HTML or DOCX. In the case of the DOCX format, you can even transfer to the Word document all the document’s properties that were set.

This new version of n2pdf also allows XMP metadata to be added to the PDF file. This means you can embed additional information, which because of their XML structure can be used in downstream processes and on any platform. One new feature also allows different DPIs when importing graphics and in so doing corrects errors within the image files.

Whether as an out-of-the-box solution or an API for creating PDFs, this new n2pdf 6.0 version promises to be even more compelling in terms of versatility, capabilities, and performance. Other new features of n2pdf Archive include:

  • Design export: This means that users will see that familiar IBM Notes view. The overall manner in which views are displayed has been adapted to more closely match the original, which in turn makes navigation both better and faster for users.
  • New, high-performance search tool: Numerous improvements were made to n2pdf Archive’s visual appearance. The Search & View feature provides an easy and convenient search function that offers even more interesting settings options in terms of design. Here too the display of the views was adapted to more clearly match the IBM Notes original.
  • Completeness check: This new feature checks whether all documents from the database were included. Should you wish, and in addition to simply checking, the tool can also ensure that all documents were actually exported, even if incorrect settings were previously made.

n2pdf’s many applications

n2pdf is employed as a solution package for IBM Notes / Domino and is designed primarily for converting documents and file attachments to PDF. Generally our customers are looking for a convenient and uncomplicated way of sharing data or doing archiving (in PDF/A format). They find the answer by using n2pdf as a tool on their IBM Notes client or Domino server. It can be easily integrated using Lotus Script or Java and no programming is required for its configuration as a Domino Server Task with n2pdf Archive. If desired, the processes can also be automated on the Domino server.

Find out more about n2pdf and all the technical details or let some of our  client projects be a source of inspiration!