Did you know that you can archive with n2pdf?

There are many ways to archive using n2pdf. Options range from end users simply “clicking a button” to an automated system for managing mailboxes, all the way to a complete solution package for archiving entire Notes applications in PDF format. And you can even flexibly adapt n2pdf to all your unique requirements. Keep reading to find out what n2pdf could look like in operation within your company or organization.


Out of the box

Are you looking for a direct, easy and economical way to give your users a simple and fast archiving tool?

If so, then our client-based n2pdf Mail Store is the perfect choice. The n2pdf Mail Store can be used immediately after installation and accessed conveniently using the client’s action menu. It offers you a number of important features that allow your users to influence the archiving process.

n2pdf Mail Store

Please let us know if you discover that there are some features you’d like to have that are not included. The n2pdf Mail Store can be adapted and customized to your special wishes and requirements.


Automated archiving with no user interaction

Do you want a solution that can be centrally installed and operate without having to modify your Notes client? Is it important that end users only have access to those features that conform to your corporate guidelines and have been implemented by your developer?

Our n2pdf Server Agent gives you unrivalled flexibility. Define a script that all users can use to convert files and then centrally store it within the design of the database. You can link the script to a design element (e.g. a button within a view) to run it, or you can employ agents on the Domino server to easily monitor the desired databases and archive everything automatically – with no user interaction.

We supply the tool, and you provide the ideas.

n2pdf Server Agent

We’re there to help whenever you need support.


A complete solution package that’s easily configurable

Do you need a solution that archives all the applications, maintains existing structures, indexes the data and makes these available within a rapid search engine? And all that with no programming required?

Our n2pdf Archive is a freely scalable, high-performance end-to-end solution package for archiving entire Lotus Notes applications (including file attachments) in PDF format. n2pdf Archive is the perfect solution whether you plan to deactivate databases, archive them for security reasons (e.g. to comply with statutory requirements), or completely shut down the “Notes landscape.”

Easy to configure – no programming required.

n2pdf Archive JobDocument

Just ask us if you have any questions about using our products.