Creating a PDF/A archive for an IBM Notes mailbox (video)

Short video guide: How to use the “n2pdf Archive” software to create a PDF/A archive for an IBM Notes/Domino mailbox.

This n2pdf video shows you step by step how you can create a local archive for a mailbox.

Why should I create a PDF/A archive?

The benefits are hard to overlook:

  • Helps you fulfill legal requirements (retention periods for business correspondence)
  • Content is easily searchable
  • Safeguards against the loss of data and information
  • Saves storage space

Watch this video tutorial and see how easy it is – and how few clicks it takes – for you to use the “n2pdf Archive database” to create an archive from a specially made folder within a typical mailbox (i.e. from the mailbox within IBM Notes). Archiving in n2pdf is done using the “Create job” button, which means archiving can be repeated and also performed automatically. Once the archiving is completed you can use n2pdf’s search function to quickly find and retrieve specific documents. This video provides a detailed description of this convenient n2pdf archive search feature.

n2pdf Archive – How to create a PDF/A archive for an IBM Notes/Domino mailbox: