Case study – creating PDFs with the click of a button

n2pdf helps make your everyday work a whole lot easier. This is especially true for those businesses that have to routinely prepare customer reports, field sales summaries and similar documents.

Saving work reports as PDFs

Using n2pdf makes it remarkably easy and convenient to create PDF documents from the various individual reports that every company makes and to do this right from IBM Notes. This software application is particularly effective when employed wherever the work needs to be thoroughly and properly documented. The result is a PDF file generated from IBM Notes that is ready to be archived. n2pdf has proven its value in numerous companies.

SoftVision can satisfy each customer’s unique requirements with 2pdf

Businesses often ask for a system that will allow all their employees to create work reports with as little effort as possible. Many of SoftVision’s customers consider the n2pdf tool the perfect solution, not just because it lets them convert documents to PDF with the click of a button, but also because these files can be so easily edited and printed. n2pdf is truly the smart choice when the business records and reports you prepare internally contain a large number of Notes documents. That’s because n2pdf can combine these into one unit that can be saved as a single PDF file. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Lets you create PDFs with just one click
  • Makes filing and archiving much easier
  • Saving documents in a standardized format eliminates problems finding, retrieving and using them later
  • Doesn’t disrupt the way your people work

Conclusion: The combination of IBM Notes and n2pdf is a highly recommended approach for many companies, not only because it ensures document quality and integrity, but because it can also combine multiple Notes documents into one PDF file, which makes everyone’s work much simpler and easier.

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