10 advantages of our PDF plugin for IBM Notes

  1. n2pdf (PDF tool for Notes) offers the greatest flexibility for developers, namely extensive control options with the greatest possible simplicity for users who only have to press a button.
  2. With n2pdf it is very easy to archive emails from within IBM Notes.
  3. When converting Notes documents into the PDF format, it often makes sense to adopt the structures that are common in Notes. Apply your document links, insert links, create tables of contents or apply global font settings to the content. The link available in Notes remains clickable and navigable in the PDF file.
  4. Combine the advantages of IBM Notes and the PDF format: Structures such as tables of contents, page formatting, headers and footers or page numbering can be applied to content that are not directly provided by Notes, but can be useful for a PDF file.
  5. With n2pdf it is possible to convert individual RichText fields and entire Notes documents to PDF. You can merge several documents or parts from the documents and have the possibility to control the structure of the PDFs.
  6. With n2pdf you can process file attachments. You can either convert the attachments into a PDF or add them as an attachment to the PDF file.
  7. In combination with webPDF, you can convert over 100 file formats to PDF without the need for the original application.
  8. Compared to other PDF plugins and PDF tools, n2pdf has the advantage that it can be used automatically on the client or on the server or as an API interface in your Notes application. Since n2pdf can be integrated directly into any Notes application, workflow security is always guaranteed.
  9. The existing company policies are protected by the direct influence on the relevant PDF security settings. In addition, you can optimally ensure the corporate design of your company through the switchable global replacement of font, font size or color.
  10. With n2pdf you have the perfect tool to implement long-term archiving with PDF/A from Notes: It is possible to convert an entire database into PDF files while maintaining and mapping the structures of the application. The contents of IBM Notes documents and Notes databases can be analyzed. You can compile all PDF files individually from the Notes content and control the entire programming process.