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Successful data migration in companies

With a migration of data (word origin: Latin migration means emigration or migrare means: to move, to move away) one moves data from one (old) system to another (new) system. The classic example is: How do I get my old mobile phone data onto my new one? It’s like moving from an old to a

#dominoforever – IBM Notes and Domino V10

Frankfurt turns yellow – Now it’s time to take off! Since the birth of Lotus Notes 1.0 on December 7, 1989, new versions of IBM Notes have been released at regular intervals. In October 2018 (almost 30 years later) the long-awaited release of version 10 took place. The world premiere of Domino V10 took place

DIGITAL FUTUREcongress 2018

During our visit at the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress 2018 in Frankfurt, our complete PDF solution for Notes/Domino was also on board. All important innovations of the latest version of n2pdf were put to the test. In addition to webPDF, we were also able to record all questions and suggestions regarding our n2pdf software solution and at

Smart IBM Notes: iNotes and IBM Notes Traveler

17One of the advantages of IBM Notes is its mobility: With IBM Notes / Domino 9.0 you can use iNotes and IBM Notes Traveler. This enables synchronization between smartphone and IBM Notes client without any problems and offers comfortable, mobile working. What is IBM Notes Traveler? Traveler, partly also called IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, is

IBM Notes alias Lotus Notes

There is some confusion around the name of the known database system. In everyday language, the abbreviation “Notes” has partially become established, although it is often also called Lotus Notes, as it was still called that until 2013. From March 2013 Notes was officially renamed to IBM Notes. IBM Notes was also called Lotus Domino

Automatically filing Notes documents as PDFs

How a uniform system of data management makes offices more efficient It was in the 1980s that the document-oriented, collaborative database system called Lotus Notes began transforming the way people do office work around the globe. Its messaging functionalities and ability to flexibly integrate and manage the full range of business-related calendars, to-do lists, and