Advantages of Intranet for companies

A so-called “Intranet” is interesting for all companies and offers some advantages. The most important plus points here are: Cost savings, flexibility and user-friendliness.  As a rule, an intranet can be set up without great effort and costs. The user interface of an intranet is designed in such a way that it can be used intuitively by any user without much training. In addition, an intranet can be extended and adapted without great effort.

An intranet can provide positive support for organization and teamwork within a company. It is above all about the exchange of information.

Intranet vs. Internet

An “intra” network is a computer network that is not to be confused with the Internet. An intranet does not use a public network and serves a certain group of users to exchange information. Here it offers certain, limited functions. It is often a matter of speeding up work processes and making a database available to employees. In addition, employees can be reached more quickly and it is possible to search systematically for specific terms. In addition, a number of expansion options are available for an intranet. Employees often access the system via an intranet portal.

In an intranet, employees can find out about all the latest news and have access to all the documents they need for their work. Intranets are used mainly in larger companies and public authorities.

A further advantage of an intranet is that it can strengthen the sense of belonging of teams and increase the effectiveness of the work. It is also referred to as an intranet when certain websites, chats or forums are used within a company.

IBM Notes as Intranet

IBM Notes is often referred to as groupware. As with an intranet, the aim here is to support group-oriented work, promote the exchange of communication and make working materials available in an uncomplicated manner. All this is done via a work computer, regardless of the work location. Groupware applications include e-mail, newsgroups, chat rooms, group appointment calendars, discussion forums, knowledge databases or project management elements, and much more. What groupware and intranet have in common is that they form a network and support work processes.

IBM Notes offers all these functions as a document-oriented database with network support. It integrates multimedia elements, offers full text search within the databases and offers an integrated mail system and calendar. Seen this way, one can say that IBM Notes or Domino do not contradict the term Intranet. Nevertheless, one cannot always equate both, despite certain overlaps.